How worried should I be?

Feel a little wimpy to be asking for support when I don’t even know that there’s anything wrong but it just keeps going round in my mind.

My partner found a lump in my left breast a few weeks ago - my period was due so I thought nothing of it but it was still there 10 days later so I did the sensible thing and went to my GP who gave me the vibe that she thought there was nothing much there but also said she thought my breat felt 'a bit noduleish) so said she’d send me to the breast clinic - my appointment came through for two weeks later and I duely went on Monday half expecting to be told that I was wasting people’s time but still worried. They did a mamogramme and a breast exam and although not much showed up on the mamogramme the consultant could clearly feel the same thing I could (he also found something similar in my other breast) he did an ultrasound and it was clear that somethings were showing up and then he did a fine needle aspiration. I have my results next monday. I was expecting a diagnosis of cysts to be honest but it seems that they are often able to tell that from just the ultrasound … also the last thing the nurse said to me was that although the consultant doesn’t think its anything bad it would be best to bring someone with me for my results on Monday. … surely if it was just ‘lumpy’ breast tissue or a cyst they’d know that by now? I just don’t know what my options are at this point and the closer Monday gets the more worried I am. Stupid I’m sure but I’m struggling to put it out of my mind

Hi there taterash

Of course you’re not being wimpy!! Waiting for results is often the most difficult time, it’s perfectly normal to feel the way you do as I’m sure other users will tell you.

Whilst you’re waiting for responses to your post, perhaps you might feel better if you give our Helpline a call? They’re great listeners and you can talk through your fears and concerns with them if you feel it might help.

They’re open 9-5 Monday to Friday and 9-2 on Saturdays.

0808 800 6000.

Best wishes


Hi taterash

I think it’s quite likely the nurse was just being thorough and not trying to imply she thought it would be bad news. She wouldn’t have said the consultant doesn’t think its anything if he hadn’t actually said that. But she doesn’t know the results of the FNA, and we all know that occasionally it is bad news - so I suspect it is standard advice to have someone with you when you get results, just in case. Plus there are other things it could be that require discussion, so I don’t think you would have automatically been told by now if it’s not cancer. Sometimes FNAs aren’t definitive either, and a biopsy is required - so lots of reasons why you might need to discuss the results.

It’s a horrible time, and impossible not to worry. I imagine the staff are aware of how we analyse their every word and look for signs in everything they do - hard for them too. Good luck - let us know how you get on.

finty x

As a nurse i would always say bring someone with you when you come for the results, its all about support and not being alone. It sounds like the team were just doing a good job.
Im waiting for results of a core biopsy from a lump and should get them on Tuesday. I hope the time goes fast for us both and all those wonderful women out there waiting.
Good luck,
Becs x

Thanks both for your encouragement. I know I just have to wait and see but I find myself second guessing everything all the same. Becs as a nurse you must be trying to read between the lines even more than I am. Do hope that your results come back clear on tuesday and thanks for letting me know that the advise about having someone with me is just standard pactices … I thought it must be but you cant help wondering