How would i know my bc hasnt spread?

Hi i have recently been diaganosed with bc hormone neg but her2pos.
I am confused i asked my bc nurse how would i know if its spread?
She said because my nodes were clear. I keep reading that mets can transfer through
the blood system so dont feel that confident.
I also asked if they will check me regularly and was told i would have an
annual mammo. that doesnt seem much to me. Could anyone explain
what checks i should have please. Im new to all this and would value some info.
thank you x

Hi Lavendersun

Please feel free to call our helpliners to talk through your queries, lines are open 9-5 Mon-Fri and 10-2 Sat on 0808 800 6000

You may find some of the information in the following link useful too along with further support ideas:\_source=Homepage&%3Butm\_medium=help\_you&%3Butm\_campaign=diagnosis

Take care


Hi Lavendersun,

As you are Her2+ you will have chemo and Herceptin so that should kill off any stray cells. I had vascular invasion but no lymph nodes involved and when I asked my onc nurse she said she was definitely not worried about me having a recurrence because of chemo and Herceptin - which works for quite a while after final one - and I am on Letrozole to stop my body producing oestrogen as ER+. I am on a clinical trial so have to see the onc nurse once a year for 10 years and have blood tests too then to see if there are any changes from the base ones they took before chemo started. I see Breast Surgeon every 6 months, at the moment, and mammo every 2 years.

The only down side, for me, is that a niggly pain in my back which I would normally have ignored meant a trip to GP to get it checked out and all is fine. I try not to think about it but am trying to be sensible. However, I was diagnosed in September, 2011 not recently like you.

Take care and try not to worry (easier said than done, I know ). Wishing you all the best with treatment. Liz, x

I was diagnosed October with grade 3 tn. With no lymph involvement. I elected to have mx first followed by FEC t chemotherapy.
I was told that the tumour had been removed in its entirety and that the chemo was to mop up any stray cells in bloodstream.

I too have quite bad back pain and am worried but my team are not at all concerned and put it down to stress/tension.

I am still worried but have to understand the logic.


Mandyp, hi, snap- i am the same as you ,except I was diagnosed march 2010, I had same treatment and was told the same as you.
I have severe neck pain been to drs, had physio and acupuncture but still in pain. I’ve been told its just wear and tear but I get headaches and occasional have dizzy/ vertigo episodes. Every time I go to gp you feel as though they think your a hyperchondriac and making it all up. The more you worry the worst it gets I know it is hard not to be worried about reoccurrence but i keep telling myself that the doctors know what they are talking about .
My mission for 2013 is to try n get on through the pain, I’m trying yoga :-/. I have restarted at the gym ( been off exercise since i hurt leg in charity skdive) but as I am doing the moonwalk I really need to get back to it. I’m hoping this will ease my neck.
Katie piper’s book also helpepositive think positive, such an inspirational story. Xxx

I’ve been advised to do yogo, so will think about doing it soon…and maybe pilates too…
My back has been really painful - so much so that i had a CT scan this week - fortunately it came back clear so i know now it is a combination of post surgery trauma, posture, tension and all the crap that goes with the crap of BC!
thanks for the recommendation of the book, i’ll definatelly get it …I fancy a good read,


Hi everyone
I was dx grade 3 tn with lymph and vascular involvement. I was told the surgery removed all cancer and chemo was to mop up any stray cells. I also had bone scan and 2 ct scans, one at beginning and one at end. I too have neck pain, bc nurse said its just your body has taken a real battering and just needs time to recover. I’ve just started the bacs up scheme, referred by hospital, they give u gym membership for free for 12 weeks and a personnel trainer to give yu exercises to get all the right bits moving again. It may be worth asking if your hospital offers a scheme like this. I’m also going to try Pilates and swimming, both good for joints. I thnk its also a lot to do with posture, as I have noticed that since my mx I arch my back and bring my shoulders forward almost as if I am trying to hide my mutilated body now!!
We will all get there in the end, patient and a bit of hard work though