How2 go about getting a 2nd opinion @ The Marsden

Hi ladies
I would like to arrange a consultation at the marsden regarding the best course of treatment 4me in the light of my reoccurance- just weeks after finshing chemo 4 primary bc (triple neg). I got my results on weds following a major op to remove my skin mets. Besides looking like I’ve been bit by a shark (!) I found out there was cancer in the ‘fillet’ of suspicious-looking muscle they took from my chest wall :frowning: Clear margins were obtained + tge surgeon played it down saying it was still just a local issue. I also have a small liver lesion approx 7mm identified on a CT scan last month. I’ve had an MRI today so they can have another look but they don’t appear concerned. Maybe they don’t want to worry me unless there is definately something to worry about? A 4mm nodule was also picked up on my lung as well as some glands in my chest- again the ct report said no evidence of metastatic disease but they suggested another ct in 3mths to check there have been no changes. Will the worry ever end…
Anyway, to get to the point… It looks like I’m only getting rads once my scars have healed- although I don’t want more chemo, I worry that I probably need it. Spoke v.briefly with my onc at my results appt + he said rads best course of action as it seems we are only dealing with a local problem. He thinks be would rather save chemo as an option ‘in his back pocket’ since treatment option are limited with me being triple neg. I’m sure that decision will change if the MRI esults are not good but if they are good (fingers x’d), they will prob just suggest rads.
I would like to go the marsden to get their opinion + also to see if they can suggest any rtrials.
How long will I have to wait? Ideally I’d like to be seen in the next fortnight…
Also, would my gp refer me or would it be via the breast consultants?
Also, how much is a private consultation at the marsden?
It’s not that I don’t trust my team- I do but I want to be sure I’m giving myself the very best chance of getting through this- I have a 16mth old son + I’m only 32.
Sorry for the mega long post- any help + advice would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance
love Tina x

Hi Tina so sorry you find yourself in this nightmarish position. I had primary BC and after chemo and arrangements for WLE and ANC back in May decided I wanted a 2nd opinion and saw my GP who snet all my details and referral to Royal Marsden to a surgeon of my choice I had an appt in just under 2 weeks from seeing GP ( this in turn was 3 days before my planned surgery in my local area)My BCN knew I had done this. In the event I changed my mind and went ahead with original arrangements cancelling my RM appt. I was not ‘unhappy’ with my team just felt at the time needed that 2nd opinion.No idea how much a private consultation costs though. Hope this helps a bit. Wishing you really loads of good luck with this. Hugs Jackie

Thanks alot jackie for your reply :slight_smile:
I will go + see my gp tomorrow I need another note for work anyway. I will tell my bcn what I’m doing I’ve already said I might go the marsden. Christies also has a great reputation- could maybe go there as it’s only down tge road. Would prefer tge marsden though coz psychologically I’d feel like I’d had tge best advice.
Thanks again
tina x