HR2 neg, Progesterone Neg, Estrogen Positive, invasive lobular large mass 5cm To 6cm

Hello, does anyone else have Lobular Double Neg? Recently diagnosed. In my lymph nodes too. Wondering about what chemo was prescribed? Doc wants to shrink first. Any help or comments most appreciated. Thank you most sincerely. 

Hello and welcome to the forum. Sorry that you are finding yourself here but it is a good site and you will find lots of support.


The chemo you are give will depend on your age and any other health issues. Very many get FEC-T but I could not have that because I am post menoause and I take tablets for high blood pressure and high choesterol. I also have HER2 postive but negative for the others. Being triple negative is what troubles the doctors more because they do not have as many weapons to fight it with.


Chemo can be rough - but rough is not dead and loads of us have been through it and are still here. The side effects range from serious to uncomfortable but make sure you have everything you might need indoors and easy to put you hands on. Such as Gaviscon, imodium, mouth wash and something like sudocream for babies nappy rash. You don’t know what side effects you will get until your first dose and if you get indigestion at 2 am you want to have something to take. If it gets bad they will give you omeprazol or something strong - I had to have that.


If you get the runs then you will want imodium and the nappy rash cream if you get a bit sore down there but I did not have any stomach or mouth issues.


I managed to keep lots of my hair with the cold cap.


Do’t worry about chemo because you fear is far worse than actally having it. Have a look at this: