HRT and Tamoxifen


I was diagnosed with grade one ER and PR posiive breast cancer in 2011. Had wide excision and rads. Started tamoxifen but could not tolerate it after 3 months. I have not taken any drugs since. I have been getting very bad menopausal symptons as I was on hrt prior to my diagnosis. My oncologist has now agreed that if I restart the tamoxifen I can have hrt in a small dose to help me. I would like to know if anyone out there has done this as I believe I could have a strong chance of the cancer returning. I am 56


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June, moderator

Hello Sammy,
I was interested to read that your oncologist has said you can take a small dose of HRT plus Tamoxifen.
I took HRT for 12 years because I had horrendous (and I mean horrendous!!!) peri menopausal and menopausal symptoms, HRT gave me quality of life and the ability to perform in a pressurised job.
On diagnosis of breast cancer, I stopped taking HRT immediately and have now been taking Tamoxifen for 4 weeks. Early days but the SE’s are making me feel back to square one with menopausal symptoms.
I will keep taking Tamoxifen despite the SE’s because I see it as my insurance policy to prevent my Oestrogen hungry cancer coming back. My ER was 100% positive.
I suppose it depends what percentage you were ER+. Maybe that is why your oncologist says you can take a small dose to help you.
I must admit, I did think that once you were diagnosed with breast cancer that was ER+, taking HRT was a definite No Go.
I will be very interested to read other responses to your post.
Peace and Positivity,
PS. I luuuuuuuurved my HRT, it was the elixir of life because my symptoms were so severe. However, post cancer diagnosis, knowing my ER+ status, I personally would not take HRT again even if it relieved my current side effects of Tamoxifen.