HRT nd breast cancer

I was talking to someone with breast cancer who like me was not an obvious candidate except like me cause of risk of osteoporois had been on HRT for years, her 12 me 25, My mum had one of worst cases of osteoporois doctors had ever seen, she basically crumbled away,god knows how he lived to 82.  So i felt the risk was worth it rather than end up like her and although ive “thin bones” think its called ostoponia, or similar i dont have osteoporois.,However i am wondering now was that the reason i got breast cancer,and would be interested to hear how many ladies with it on here, took it for a long time. with no other risks got it. A friend of mine who is menopausal now was thinking of going on it,now isnt, and another friend who had ovaries removed cause family has cancer gene , has stopped it, both since my diagnosis. What do others think, Ive stopped it now, obviously id be a fool not to, so hopefully that will put up my chances of cancer not returning.june

Hi June
Feel free to call our helpliners to talk this through too on 0808 800 6000, weekdays 9-5 amd Sat 10-2

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Hi June,
I have similar thoughts about IVF treatment, as they completely bombard the system with hormones. But when it comes down to it I went through IVF because I had to, having children was the most important thing in my life, so I think that even if there is a link and that if I’d been warned I would still choose IVF and the chance of children. Incidentally, all three cycles were unsuccessful and we ended adopting instead! :slight_smile:



I too have Osteopenia, I’m hight risk for osteoporosis as I have RA and my mum and gran both had Osteoporosis. So I took HRT for 3 years. I knew there was a risk of BC, but put it to the back of my mind.


However, there is no way of knowing that my BC was actually caused by the HRT. I might have still got it anyway even if I’d never taken it. We can sit and ponder for ever as to whether we caused our own BC. but, it won’t get us anywhere. The fact is we have had or do have BC, so we have to deal with it.


Make sure they give you Adcal +D3 to  help strengthen your bones, and maybe visit the Osteoporosis website for tips on how to keep your bones strong with exercise and diet. This is their website:


Best wishes. xx

It’s almost never one thing that “causes” cancer (asbestos and mesothelioma are exceptional). The worst feature of my recent life (screening detected tiny cancer, surgery and RT) has been HRT withdrawal, after many years. Who knows what factors came together to allow these mutant cells to grow? I didn’t have babies till I was 34 (bad) but I breastfed for years (good), smoked heavily passively from conception, and for a few years actively (bad), but gave up long ago (good). There are so many factors I can’t change- it would be ridiculous to blame my long-dead mother now because she smoked, or myself for not having babies earlier (the adverse effects of motherhood without a good father for them outweigh any reduced breast cancer risk, not only for me). Most of us have been fatter than ideal at some stage in our lives, and haven’t been as active as was good for us- we are even told “sitting is the new smoking!”, even if you work out to recommended levels and beyond. Nobody can ever know what combination of factors came together to cause their breast cancer, or whether, with small changes, they’d have had another disease; nuns/virgins are prone to cancer of the womb, but sexual experience risks cervical cancer… And so, I’m not going to nag my daughter to have a baby before she’s 30, much as I long for grandchildren, and I’ll even try to bite my tongue if she doesn’t breastfeed for six months minimum. I don’t have to worry about her being overweight or a couch potato, which carry so many risks to health, for which I am thankful.