Hubby made me cry but in a good way

hubby has presented me with a pandora bracelet with breast cancer charms on he has promised new charms as I go through stages of treatment and I can chose one when I get all clear x he said it will represent my journey blubbering wreck xx

What a lovely hubby you’ve got Sue xx

What a gem he is Sue

Awwww, he’s a keeper! I’m blubbering too ?. How very very thoughtful and loving. Bless that man. X

Aw, that’s so nice! I’ve been dating someone but since being diagnosed I’ve pushed him away! I know I shouldn’t but it’s my way! Don’t want him to see this emotional wreck, want him to just remember our good times…rhen when I’m recovered if he’s there, he’s there…if not, then time for a change:0

He has been a rock we been married 30 years (met when I was 17 married at 19 ) don’t get me wrong not been a bed of roses in early days but he has got this right xx


Treasure him Sue…treasure each other. Btw has he got an older brother? ?

love and all the bestxxx

Feather 1944
Or any brothers???

Awww how lovely sue, definatley a good man there.


Debbie xx

Lol feather he only has a younger brother but he is 12 years younger x