Hug to all the mums having to be strong out there

Just wanted to send a big hug to all the mums having to keep it in and be strong while they get their children off to school every morning.  I am waiting for a follow up CT scan of my chest after a “this is not good news” X-ray comment from my GP into pain I have been having.   The waiting is cruel - despite my GP marking it urgent (which she thought meant up to 2 weeks) apparently only new cancers get fast tracked on the 2 week and investigation into possible metastic only warrants routine which is 5-6weeks.  So progression onto a potential terminal diagnosis is less important?  My nerves are in tatters has anyone else found this or do I need to do more badgering?  Sorry didn’t mean to rant but feeling dejected in the NHS and GPS at the moment.

Hi Lynne

We all understand the waiting and how that almost seems worse than any eventual treatment. We are left in limbo whilst the wheels gradually grind away until an appointment gets spat out! I’m assuming you have had primary BC hence your GPs concerns? Are you still under the observation of the oncology team where you were treated? If so it may be worth trying to contact them directly and explain what you’ve so far been told about waiting times etc. From my experience any concerns of mine to do with BC, secondaries or otherwise, have been dealt as quickly, if not quicker than my initial investigations some 15 yers ago. I have always gone through my oncology unit though, not my GP (after the initial referral)

I think it is worth pushing for to get seen quicker as you will be anxious the whole time you are waiting and basically just ‘on hold’ - the sooner you know a definitive answer (one way or the other) you can deal with things.

Good luck

Nicky x