husband - 2 job offers!

husband - 2 job offers!

husband - 2 job offers! Just thought I’d keep you kind people informed who have been so supportive over the last few wks.

I can’t believe how things have turned around at home. My unemployed husband has now been offered 2 Jobs and a interview for a 3rd.

The job he really wants starts in about 2 mths but the other job is only temp so hopefully they will dovetail. He also has the insurance of the interview which I am hoping he will still go to for the experience if nothing else or as a ‘just in case’ back-up.

He also has his app with the GP later this week to discuss his depression and general health.

Hope this is the start of happier times in our home.


Good news Hi Irene - I am so pleased that things have improved in your household. It’s amazing isn’t it how the situation can be so bad at times that you cannot see how you can get through it - then you do somehow and things return to a sort of ‘normal’ - until the next crisis! (I’m speaking for myself here!).


Thats great news Irene, yes lets hope its the start of happier times, you deserve it.

Lorri xx

Great News Wow Irene thats great news. Just goes to show there is light at the end of the tunnel, most times its just a train…lol but sometimes work out the way we always hope and pray. Good luck to hubby with docs appt…

Speak soon


relationship problems?? It is funny how when we get dignosed with BC we think that thinfgs will change, that our partners will be diffrent and our children might actually start to behave… ha ha.
I am now on my 6th cycle of chemo , 2 more to go before surgery.
I am amazed at how i actually feel guilty about feeeling poorly after the chemo. My husband will say, ‘how are you feeling’ but it is almost as though he doesnt really want me to tell him that I actually feel lousy and want to curl up and hide from the world.
He was never a great one for outward displays of affection so i was stupid to expect this to change, but having read about others he seems to be going sdown the depressed route and being very touchy about the way i speak to him.
To be honest i think that cancer can make or break a relationship. And even before my chemo started when i was anxious and upset about what it was going to bwe like i was plannning to leave him, i had no idea where i would go or how i would exsist but i had had enough of his ‘selfish’ attitude. Somehow as i have siad ijust thought our relationship would change and we would become instantly closer, i now find that i have to work harder than before.
I do suffer from depression and have done for most of my adult lfe, and although everyone says …i am very positive and up beat, when i am at home and we are together i feel differenrt. But one shouldnt have to put on a front with their husband/partner. They have got to take the rough with the smooth.
We kind of tick along, taking everything life throws at us, there are still people out there who’s lives are worse than ours.
I am 36 actaully 37 , recent birthday, forget to add the extra year…
i have two lovely boys aged 9 and 11, i love my husband he gets on my nerves but at the end of the day despite everything he does everything wih me in mind, but he is a man…and they from a diffrent planet. this we will never change. They dont understand us and i thnk the sooner we all realise this the happeir we might be. ha hah hah.
Thanks for reading my ramblings.


Have been thinking about you,hows things going, has hubby started work yet. Not heard from you for a while, how you feeling, please let us know cos we are all concerned.

Take care