Husband found a lump

On himself!


he had a shower after the gym and found two very small discrete lumps about 1cm above right nipple. He’s going to call GP tomorrow, and despite several benign breast issues myself I am really worried for him. I can’t seem to find anything on 2 lumps, or around his age - he’s 45 - anything that matches him and isn’t the worst.


we’ve already had a rough few months - in fact I had a breast abscess diagnosed and drained at the end of November, amongst other not fun stuff (I posted for myself a while ago).


any reassurance please, please

Most breast lumps - male or female are not breast cancer. Your GP may well refer him for investigation as it not always  possible to say for sure what a lump is without an ultrasound or mammogram .Try not to Google, it will just drive you round the twist and without the benefit of more information it won’t give you an accurate diagnosis .Hope all turns out well .Jill x