Hygiene issues due to dressings

Got dressing from mascetomy op on left armpit which I must not get wet back home now. At hosp I was able to shower and nurse washed my hair and dressings got changed. At home there is no medical back up which means that hygiene will become an issue. It is not a good time to have hygiene issues. Because I am normally fit and well it is probably assumed that after care is not required. I left hospital on 15 mar

Hi Gingernut

sounds like we’ve had quite similar experiences - I went home after one night in hospital with dressings on both boobs and one under right armpit (lymph node biopsy) and no-one to help with washing etc. The dressings stayed put until I went back for my first follow up appointment (about a week after the op) when the full ones got taken off and lighter one put on the right side (mastectomy side). In terms of keeping clean I used unscented baby wipes as much as I could around dressings and roll on deoderant (aloe vera based from health shop so hopefully no nasty chemicals) on ‘good’ armpit. When first lot of dressings were taken off everything had healed well and scar in armpit looked ‘clean’ with no sign of infection.

Do you know when you are going for follow up appointment for dressings? x

My follow up appointment on 21 mar for dressings. Advice useful. Will need to stay in (Not I want to venture out.) will give me proper chance to rest. Friend will give me lift to next appt. will need to be v good friend to put up with BO. So pleased that I had shower before I went home. Nurse even washed my hair. Will use dry samphoo. X

My hospital arranged for the community nurse to call and change my dressings. You could try using cling-film over the dressing to keep it dry when washing or showering?