Hysteroscopy because of Tamoxifen

Talk about scaring you out of your whits’.

About four weeks ago, I went to see my GP because I was have terrible pains in the ‘ovaries’ area also a bruising appeared near my belly buttons.
She sent me for a scan to which the results would be through in a couple of weeks.

Two days later my GP phoned me saying she would like me to see a Gynaecologist within the next couple of weeks, nothing to worry about, but the lining of my womb had thickened and I had some polyps and cysts in the area.
Two hours later, the Gynaecologist secretary phoned, could I come and see him on Thursday - two days later.
By now, I was panic stricken.

By the way, I have been on Tamoxifen for just over a year.

I went to see the Gynea, but didn’t see the ‘top man’ I saw an Oriental lady who spoke perfect English, but frightened the life out of me.
She started preparing me to come into hospital within the next few days.
I said “Hold on, what exactly is wrong, why does everything have to be done so quickly if it’s only thickening of the lining?” The only thing that seem to come out of this lady’s mouth was, “It could be Cancer of the womb”.

I was numb with worry.

The nurse came and I said…“Well I’m sorry, but I go on holiday Monday of next week; to Thursday”…she said I couldn’t go.
Then she relinquished a little - I think she could see I was very upset - and said she would make an appointment for me when I came back from holiday.

I sat in the waiting room and just burst into tears.

The nurse came back to me, gave me a date of November 5th and said would I like to speak to my proper consultant, the man I should have seen in the first place.

What a different story from this man.
He said and I quote…“We would like to take samples from the lining of your womb, to check that everything is OK, you have a thickening and a few polyps, but 90% of the time, there is nothing to worry about what so ever, but, I wouldn’t be doing my job, if I didn’t keep an eye on you and check that you are OK. If there is anything sinister - and I’m certainly not saying that there is - it is a simple thing to just take everything away and all will be fine. You go on your holiday have a rest, don’t worry and I will see you next week”…

PHEW!!! what a difference.

So, I went in Wednesday just gone, had the op, feel fine and will get the results soon.

I know doctors have to learn - to be doctors - but that lady trainee consultant should not be able to make assumptions about anything until she knew the facts, she scared me and she may do it to others.


Hi Linda

I had exactly the same thing happen to me last March was rushed in with the same and told the same, feared the worse but it was nothing. I was also on Tamoxifen for a year at that time. Wish they warned us about this.

I am sure you will be fine I had my results the day of my op they followed it up with an MRI scan as I had trouble with my kidneys at the time. I feel I have been in all departments now.


hi linda try not to worry I was on tamoxifen for 7 years and the same thing happened to me I was bleeding so much I eventually became anaemic, I went in to hospital and my lining of the womb was really thick thats what the tamoxifen does anyway they looked and took samples but was just side effects of tamoxifen, they put a mirena coil in and never had any more trouble.take care thinking of you love suzan x

On the subject of worrying doctors…when I had appendicitis, a foreign gentleman who didn’t introduce himself, sat by my bed and ran through a list of surgery complications. he concluded by saying " you might have a stroke and of course unltimately you could die". I burst into tears and he looked horrified. When I had my WLE, I told them I didn’t want to know and just to make sure that I was properly “under”. When I was dx, a nurse said " well you could get knocked down by a bus tomorrow"!!! It beggars belief

Hope all is well Linda. Thinking of you

Thank you Suzan, Bev and Debbie.

Linda xx