hysteroscopy results

Hi all.
Ive just had a hysteroscopy,and was told by the nurse at the hospital
that it will take 6 weeks before i get my results
Is this the normal time to wait ?
In the notes from the hospital it says If a biopsy has been taken or a polyp removed during the procedure ,the results will not be available immediately
THe results will either be sent to you by letter,or a further out.patients appointment arranged and posted out to you.
Perhaps if your reading this, it might have happend to you, and you might have
an answer


I went through the hysteroscopy procedure twice. The first time, in outpatients, without anaesthetic, the consultant found a polyp in the womb lining but could not remove it as my womb is tilted and he was unable to reach it. However, he was able to say there and then that although he could not be absolutely definite, he was pretty sure that it wasn’t anything suspicious. I went in a few weeks later and had a general anaesthetic. The polyp was removed and I had a D & C. I have looked through my file of appointments and results etc, and I think it was about a 4-5 week wait before I got the results. I went back to see the gynaecologist for them, and he was able to reassure me that everything was indeed okay, and invited me to ask any questions I had.
…so I’d say 6 weeks sounds about right…you never know, they may turn up earlier.

I had a polyp removed from the neck of my cervix and because the doctor couldn’t say for sure wether it was cancerous or not, i had to go and have a d+c a couple of weeks later, though in fact, they couldn’t get anywhere with it in the end, because i’d had endometrial ablation for heavy periods a couple of years previously, which completely blocked the uterus.However, they did find another polyp which they removed at the same time.I had to wait about three weeks, i think, to get the all clear on both polyps, it certainly wasn’t an immediate result,so try not to worry too much.

Thanks Timetraveller and Narnia for your help

I do feel a lot better now that you have told me, that you both had to wait that long for results

It seems as if ive had the same op; as you Timetraveller ,so i will now be good lol, and wait

and see ,[what results i get]

Thanks again June

Hi B.C Pals,
Got my results today,Good News It was a polyp,and N,O,D.

Shall dine out tonight

best wishes to you both ,and A Merry Xmas
Love June x

Glad to hear everything is okay, June. Best wishes