Hi All Here I am again whittling ,saw Gp today told her I had spotting (age 62) been on Tam six months , reffering me to gynae, has anyone had ultrasound instead of hysteroscopy . Had procedure done a few years ago and found it horrendous,
Looking forward to your usual support.
Also said i was emotionally spent , I am gonna see a counsellor again. Any tips on stopping the awful churning anxiety, I am so wore out with worrying . Have other worries with family too.
Love to you all Bobbie

Dear Bobbie

I had ultrasound then was referred for hysteroscopy because evidence of womb lining thickening.

I meant to say before that if you do need another hysteroscopy, ask if you can have a general anaesthetic. I had first hysteroscopy without anaesthetic and found it very unpleasant indeed, not helped apparently by having tilted womb. Ended up having general anaesthetic as polyp couldn’t be reached easily. I felt fine afterwards, no cramps or discomfort as had before without pain relief.
WIth regards to anxiety, my GP prescribed me with beta blockers. They obviously can’t change what’s happened, but I felt calmer, much less anxious and more able to deal with things. They don’t suit everyone but have helped me. I did see a counsellor once but it wasn’t for me. Realised I needed some cancer related questions answered rather than ideas for coping strategies. GP was very helpful and I felt much better after a chat with him.
Best wishes

Hi timetraveller Many thanks for getting back to me If i have to have hysteroscopy I will certainly bear that in mind or at least some sedation. I cannot take B/Bs because I have asthma . I am on antideppressants though but feel on the edge of insanity at present. My friend who was diagnosed exactly the same day as me has brain tumour (terminal) Other friend who had Mast two m onths after me is coughing up blood she sees chest doc Tues. I had phone call from hospital today see gynae Thurs , but am I scared not just of what might be but the whole hospital thing again, feel it will never end and I like 100s of others on site am sick and tired of of being pushed and poked about. You want to get on with life but feel you ca’nt call sole your own. I get so angry feel a big chunk of ME has been taken away and I’ll never get it back. Sorry to whinge on but sometimes it helps to pour your feelings out. Please anyone who reads this do’nt accuse me of wallowing in self pity… I do try so hard.
Love Bobbie

Hi Bobbie
I had post-men bleed for a couple on months last year at same time as bc diog. Had 2 histocopies and also D&C. The former was uncomfortable the latter I was very vacol and swearing, the arrogence of gynae consultant to do it with NO pain meds at all, had to be a man!! Bastard. I was also on tamoxifen, should not have been eventually onc. changed it to Arimidex since Tamoxifen has link to higher occurrence of overian cancer etc. They did not believe I was post men. cos I was 47 initially, two blood tests later and well I told them so. Should you be asking about AIs instead of Tamoxifen? I have not had any more bleeding since a few weeks after D&C back in Feb 08 so I suppose having the womb lining scrapped did the trick, not a good experiene all the same.
Sorry not sure I have really answered anything Bobbie. Alicex

HI Alice Decided If they want any further investigations it’s gonna be ultra sound.
I am 62 so been Postmen for 10yrs. My Gp did say they might change my meds but bleeding was very slight and only lasted two days , so just have to see. I just hope it’s a blip and and will not have any more. Might ask Doc about changing anti d’s though.
Last time I had gynae op, polyp removed plus cyst and D&C I had spinal anaesthetic but had back problems after so you ca’nt win.
Love Bobbie