I am a twit!!!

On the way to our weekend away in the cotswolds, hubby said we really should make a detour to the Marsden for me to get my bloods done before next weeks surgery. I didnt need another pre op assessment as still covered by the one I had in May. Anyway I didnt want to let stupid cancer interfere with my holiday plans but agreed it had to be done. I rushed in and was really pleased to see nobody else waiting to be seen. I went in sat down, had my blood taken, said wow that didnt hurt, then I thought oh poo, its the “wrong arm”. My question is this, why didnt I feel the needle going in and two, I have only had a couple of nodes removed, and although the hospital told me all the dos and donts, will it really make a difference on whether I get Lymphoedema or not.

SGL xx

hi there

I think if they got the bloods easily it should only be a very slight increased risk. But that said so would a scratch or a wasp sting and we can’t always avoid things like that. Don’t beat yourself up, and I am sure you will be fine.

At least you know you won’t make the same mistake again! Take care and I hope your treatment goes well and quick! J.

For the not hurting thing, it’s possible the messing around with your nodes has left some numb bits, so that could be why you didn’t feel it. And the phlebotomists are pretty skilled at getting blood as they do it all day!

Keep some antiseptic handy just in case, but you should be ok. If you’re worried, give your BCN a ring tomorrow, or the helpline on here.

Thanks Jayne and choccie. I have some savlon with me so will keep it handy. It was weird as I felt nothing! And you are right, its not a mistake ile make again.



I am also under the Marsden and have had loads of blood tests and I must say that 99% of the time, I feel absolutley nothing when they take the blood unlike other phlebotomists at other hospitals. There is 1 particular lady who achieves this result every time, so please don’t worry about that side of things. As the others have said the risk will be minimal as all equipment is sterile and the test is performed by aseptic technique.
Keep the savlon close but I am sure you will not have to use it and this experience will ensure that you never give the “wrong arm” again.

Take care and have a lovely break in the Cotswolds.

Maggie xx

Thanks Marjay, are you at Chelsea or Sutton. I am under Miss Mc**** (I dont think we are allowed to put names down on here) and I am at Chelsea. I went to Sutton to have my bloods done as was on route to our holiday. I think you are right, when I have had bloods done at Chelsea I have not felt them either. The Marsden is brilliant and it does not feel like a normal NHS hospital. I had my diagnosis at Kings and my treatment at the PRU in bromley and the experience was horrendous. I left there with gastroenteritis, an infection in my kidneys which crossed to the breast which gave me a really bad infection.

Hope you are doing ok.

SGL xx

Hi stargazerlilly!

My experience of lymphoedema (had it for nearly 2 years now), is that if you’re going to have it after “twittish” actions (and I have done some beauties personally!), you will get it flaring up almost immediately or within a few hours/next morning. So, basically, if you are OK today, it should be fine. Just be aware next time!

All the best, Sarah.

Thanks sarah, everything seems to be fine!


I have had lymphoedema in my right hand/arm for over 10 years, I have largly avoided any needles ect, ironicly it was a paper cut that started it all off??? I have had mx/anc etc in that arm so yep aviod use and use left arm… New primary left side had WLE/SNB gotta have mx…again and probable ANC, when SNB was done they had no choice other to put canula in ‘bad’ arm that was april 4th and it hasn’t been worse because of that? after mx no.2 not sure what I will do?? asthe others have said as long as you kept it clean, I was told putting fluids in posed more of a threat than taking it out, so don’t stress too much XX Lv JX

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Thanks Norberte

Worth mentioning to surgeon as still have to have MX yet!! x

out of all the things to happen having blood taken is probably one of the safest as it is done using a sterile needle unlike say a scratch when your gardening.

the more nodes you have removed the higher the chance of LO but many who have a full clearance dont get LO and likewise some people only having 1 or two nodes out may get it… people who have all their nodes and dont have cancer can in some very rare situations develop LO.

if you do get any cuts or wounds on your affected side try to keep them clean and dry.

i have had BC in both sides so had to get chemo in one of my affetced sides and luckily have had no adverse effects so far… well apart from vein damage from the chemo.

Lulu x