I am lost..

Good evening to all of you,


it’s my first time here and i really wish we didnt meet that way


I’m 45 and my story so far is that I went for my programmed mammogram a little later than usually. (I’ve had the last one on 5/2016 and went 1/2018). The new mammogram showed nothing but the ultrasound afterwards reveald a 1.7 cm and one node 2,7cm. In panic I visited a doctor the next day who made an FNA biopsy both from the tumor and the node which came back possitive for cancer cells.

I’ve been in “fog” from 29/1/2018 and now. I visited 2-3 doctors and i decided with whom I’ll walk this path-that was a difficult. He had me do all the CT (brain,lungs, liver, pelvic) and scan bones, breast mri. Luckily all came clear.

And now I’m scheduled for OP at 22/2.  He said I will probably have a 1/4 taken out but if he sees something also suspicious he will remove all the breast… and nodes of course … and then we will discuss therapy…he said i’m stage 2 but I’m cosidered about the nodes…

I’m lost, I’m scared…and feeling alone

My husband is by my side all the time but you know…


Hi NoteRed and sorry that you find yourself in this forum as a result of BC diagnosis.  However, it is also a really good thing that you are here as there are so many of us going through the same journey and so heaps of advice and support to be had here!.  Being diagnosed is really really scary not least because you can feel completely out of control - I know that I did!  I was diagnosed last October aged 51 after finding a lump that summer.  I had pre-op complications so it took ages before they could remove the lump and give me a diagnosis - probably the worse summer ever.  I am now at the end of my active treatement having had a WLE and 2 further re-excisions to get clear margins plus 15 rounds of radiotherapy.  It is a week since my last radiotherapy and I am coming to terms with the new “normal”.  Throughout I have learnt to lean on my husband, family and friends (and found out who my true friends are in the process) and used this forum to get advice and support from others.  It feels like hell now but you will get through it so be kind to yourself, have a cry now and then and take any support offered to you.  Keep in touch xx

good evening to all of you. today is one of these days i cant stop crying. Thinking how carefree was 2 weeks before and how I 'm know and try to see things different.

My husband wants to support me but its times like this that I think he cant…

I could use a little word of sympathy from you, who I believe you have been here…

Waiting for results is very hard, you will feel more in control when they give you a treatment plan. There are many threads in this forum where you will find help and support from people going through similar experiences. Wishing you well x

I hope so I’m feeling sad all the time

Try not to google NoteRed you can get some frightening stories but remember people are more likely to write about bad experiences than they are about good ones.
You will feel more in control when treatment starts x

I I hope so :confused: