I am new, but got diagnosed!

I always thought, I’d never get cancer, not breast cancer, well, the thing is, I have! but, I want to try beat it as I am scared to die. I am sending you all hugs

Hello Summer,

So so sorry to hear your very sad news, it’s such a shock to receive a breast cancer diagnosed, you can’t believe it you….can remember thinking they must have the wrong person.

However, pleased you have come on this site, as you will get a lot of love and support, from others, all with different stories we all understand each other.

Keep posting, take one day at a time, the treatment is very positive now days, so on with your fighting gloves.

Not sure if you have your plan in order yet, wishing you lots of luck.

with love Tili :rainbow:

It does come as a huge shock I think I went through some of my appointments in a daze not even taking in all I had been told.
Once my treatment started I felt a little better I adopted a one day at a time approach and not to overload myself with information that can be suffocating - thankfully I came through it all which you will also.

This is a cracking place to be with other people who understand all of your feelings a good place to air your worries without any repercussions the right place to ask all of those questions that are going around in your head.

Lots of good wishes and hugs on your journey.

Poppy xx

Snap. But having said that, imagine what life would be like if we all thought we’d get breast cancer. 

I’m so sad that you think of breast cancer in terms of dying. I’ve got secondary (incurable but treatable) BC and I never think of death - the complete recovery rate for primary bc if diagnosed early is around 90%!! Even if it has spread to your lymph nodes, that doesn’t mean it has or will spread further. It means those nodes are doing their job and catching the rogue cells that try walkabout. There are so many treatments and so much research going on (never enough, of course) that you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

This is very early days. Trust your team, use your breast care nurse for questions and offloading emotions and, very important, decide just how much information you want and need. There are questions you might ask where the answers would leave you reeling (as my husband learnt the hard way) - is that what you want? Some need to know everything and take control of their treatment. I played ostrich, trusted my team and just got through it - because it IS manageable. It’s not always easy, though it might be if it’s been caught early, but even if you need the whole menu of treatments, it’s doable and you come through the other side. The best thing to hear is No Evidence of Disease (NED).

Please don’t start googling and definitely don’t investigate survival rates. There are so many different factors and your diagnosis will be unique to you so how could a search engine provide what you need? Most people here regret any early forays they made with Dr Google, myself included (a late search when I thought I had it all in hand). Ask in the forums, ring the nurses here (they are brilliant) and of course ask your team.

Meantime, do everything you can to invest in your emotional and mental health. Panicking is normal but you don’t want that for the rest of your treatment. You want healthy emotions like a good cry. If you run, walk, do yoga, meditation, mindfulness, tai chi, baking…whatever suits you, practise regularly so you know you can rely on it when you most need it. If, like me, that doesn’t help, consult your GP who may offer some solution. I was so terrified that the oncologist prescribed 2 lorazepam tablets for each chemo treatment, rather than risk my doing a runner in panic. There’s no shame in needing help. Just don’t be fobbed off by a GP who says ‘Every woman would feel like you do.’ It happens! I also made good use of meditation videos on YouTube and use Progressive Hypnosis’s videos daily now. Practice makes perfect eventually!

I wish you all the best, summer. Let us know how things progress - and welcome to our lovely forums. Soon you’ll be on the other side, offering support. Take care (and go straight to Progressive Hypnosis’s Cure Anxiety - an hour or so of complete peace, with practice - but there are shorter ones)

Jan x


I have also recently been diagnosed. Such a shock, earth shattering. I haven’t yet got a treatment plan as I am waiting biopsy results. All I know is that I have lesions in both breasts. What do you know so far?

It is difficult to stay positive, I just eant to have a plan of action and start fighting.

I thought i’d never get breast cancer, but I have it’s scary it really is. I’m so sorry. I don’t want to die from it hugs to you all