I am not "ill"

Recently diagnosed with IDC ER+ but that is all we really know…I need an mri and “bubble test” (can’t remember what this is actually called) before deciding treatment plan. I am petrified!!! But I am not ill. My partner has decided to wrap me in cotton wool and tell people i am ill - but I am not. I don’t feel ill. 

So my question is…what is “this”??? What is the best word to describe what is happening…is it a condition, a situation???

Sorry, only diagnosed last Tuesday and am starting to struggle. Telling my Son and my family has been exhausting. 

Have been reading posts on this forum for weeks now and have found comfort in the posts and knowing people know what I am going through.

This waiting game is rubbish!

Sorry to rant… It’s all been a bit of a shock.

Thanks for listening




Hello and welcome to the forum, not a place you want to be but one thing is for sure you will get loads of help and support from the lovely ladies on here who know exactly what you are going through.


I remember when I was diagnosed I didnt feel ill, in fact felt better than I had for some time, but here was someone telling me that I had breast cancer, totally surreal.  It will take time for it all to sink in and give yourself that time.  I think the best way to describe it to people, if you want to that is because it is entirely up to you what you do and dont tell people, is that you have been diagnosed with bc but that a treatment plan is being put in place. 


I actually gave my tumour a name, Mr Blobby.  I told my friends that I had named it and it was going to be removed with some other treatment to make sure he didnt come back :slight_smile:


Never worry about coming on here and having a rant, it is a lovely safe place where you can do that without worrying about upsetting your family, and you are in the company of people who get you.


Sending you loads of hugs


Helena xxx

Hi Jazza,
Fortunately, thank goodness, bc is normally diagnosed early when it is still in the breast, so it doesn’t usually make us feel physically ill at this stage, but of course, emotionally, it is a rollercoaster.
As Helena says, that’s why it feels all so surreal, I remember that feeling well when first diagnosed.
It does get better when the treatment plan is in place & you know where you’re going with it all.
ann x

Hi Justine
Two weeks ago I ran a half marathon and jokingly talked about joining the army reserves (im 47 and apparently you can join up to 49!) I ran the half marathon telling myself how strong I am. I try and remember that when I’m having a wobble. I was diagnosed 4 days ago, I don’t feel I’ll but I noticed the limp because it was sore. Now I’m starting to worry about every ache and pain. I haven’t started telling people yet, only my husband and a good friend but that is going to be hard. I don’t want people looking at me like I’m ill all the time either but I’m sure I will need more support once the treatment starts.
For now I’m trying to carry on as normal as hard as that is. I hope all goes well for you X

Thank you so so much Helena, Ann, Michelle21 and Sunflower for your kind responses. This weekend has certainly been a struggle - especially getting through Easter. It is a real comfort to know there are people here who I can talk to at anytime who know what I am going through.

I have come back to work today to keep busy whilst waiting for my next 2 appointments to come through.

Many thanks again. I am sure you will be hearing from me as I go through my journey.

Justine xx