I am sorry to go on but my mind is going into over drive tonight

I am basically worrying what if the cells that are abnormal and he wants take out soonish turn into cancer cells before I have the lump removed. I know I sound really silly and I am sorry ladies to be going on again, but now I have started to think that I can’t get the idea out of my head. Please tell me I am being stupid.

I am sorry to moan but I am getting really worked up tonight.


You’re not being stupid. I had lots of questions just like this when I was having my tests.

Ask the questions. I promise you if you ask the same question 5 times it’s still 1 less than I did. You need to know, it’s not in the slightest bit silly.

But that said you probably are worrying without reason but I can’t tell you that, he can. And you can get a second opinion don’t forget.

Sleep well and know this will pass.

Lots of love


Thanks Angie, I have decided to ring the help line tomorrow and ask them for some advice.


aww jules dont b sad hun, but thats easy 4me 2say aint it wen its not me…i feel so sorry 4 u avin 2feel this way,just try stay strong 4 urself n keep ur chin up x x thinkin ov u karen x x

Thanks Karen, I will try and thanks again for being so nice.


Hi Jules

I had a fiboadenoma removed years back because the core biospy showed ‘atypical’ cells. They sliced it up and did the pathology report (the core biospy is such a small representation of the lump and can’t give a conclusive answer on what the state of the whole lump is like) and there was no malignancy within the lump. It’s a small op that doesn’t need much theatre time so they can book you in fairly quickly - it’s not necesarily a reflection of the urgency. I had mine booked for day sugery just over a week later and that was with New Year’s Eve and Day in the middle. With mastectomies they need much more theatre time and need to co-ordinate a surgeon and plastic surgeon and so that takes longer to diarise.

Hope that helps.

Hi Jules

You are not being silly or worrying for nothing, all this has a huge affect on us especially before diagnosis and I am sure some people are convinced that they have BC and it turns out to be nothing to worry about I think it is only natural that you have nagging doubts about the diagnosis. I think you feel like that when you are told you do have it, it all seems so unreal and you think ‘have they mixed me up with someone else?’ So its normal for you to feel like that but you will get things straight in you head and I think you should talk to the nurse on here beacause I did the other day and I felt so much better. Try not to worry just look at it that you are getting rid of the agrivating little sod that caused you all that worry.!!!

Lots of love you will be fine

Deb x