I am terrified


Had a mammogram two weeks ago (this was done  because I am in breast history/family clinic which I have been attending for 22 years). I had a bit of discomfort in my left breast before mammogram but this has got steadily worse. Called my GP last week, mammogram was fine, no change from previous year, regarding discomfort was advised to take painkillers. I did so but the pain (dull ache) persisted, under arm also now feeling heavy and a pins & needles sensation in left arm.

Saw GP this morning, she detected slight swelling of breast an area of density/thickening where pain is. Have an appointment with a breast specialist on Monday. I am feeling anxious and scared. Any advice would really help at the minute.


Hi E, aren’t up you just great being so proactive about your health. It’s this positivity that will help you get through whatever this is. Not all pain and lumps are cancer, but I can fully understand where you are coming from. I found the waiting to be the absolute pits and I’m passing on advice I got…stay busy so that you don’t have time to dwell on what may be, because it may not! Covid isn’t helpful at the moment I know, but telephone chats, virtual tea and coffees could be helpful. There are lots of virtual mindfulness sessions around at the moment which I find very helpful for reducing anxiety. The nurses telephone line here is always a good starting point with excellent help and advice to support you. My local Maggies centre is at the end of the phone, as well as being open to visits by appointment…

social distancing and all that. Physical activity is recommended to help c,ear the brain and as well as keeping you fit. Once you have a definitive answer…bearing in mind it could be benign, then you will get a treatment plan. In the meantime, virtual hugs and best wishes. Keep in touch as we are always here to support you. X

Good luck today EMarple, I hope today goes well for you

EMarple - as Holly says, we are thinking of you today and will be right with you. Please do come back and let us know how you get on. Hugs, Evie xx


I am really in need of some reassurance. The pain in my breast subsided after my appointment with specialist but returned with vengeance over a week ago. I called the specialist’s secretary this morning to seek advice. Dr is advising an anti-inflammatory gel and E Primrose. I am in a lot of discomfort, my breast does not feel right. Any help would really be appreciated.