I am tired

Hi Ladies, hope you don’t mind me butting in.  So glad I’ve read your posts!  I’m 2 months post rads and like most of you am finding it hard in peoples assumptions that all fine now.  Emotionaly I’m all over the place while trying to put on the brave face of I’m fine and not wanting to offend anyone! Never been depressed in my life and everyone still expects the “good ole Shell” to be back, well I’m not and cant see if I ever wil be!

Back to work full time on Tuesday (work in a school) excited but also dreading how I will cope after being off since March with a phased return in July!  Feel quite alone now with no appointments to next year.  Have signed up for the moving forward course in November, hope that helps.

Not got any major side affects from Tamoxifen so far.  Period stopped for 6 weeks but since have come back with a vengenace, cant possibly leave the house for the 1st 2 days!  

On the positive routine smear came back negative along with a routine bowel one.

I’m 47 tomorrow but feel ancient!

Sorry for being a moany minnie but I know most can emphasis.

Shell x

Absolutely rose and Jill, I’m only 5 weeks post rads and feeling shattered!

Hi claire

I am feeling like that right now, I am really at a low, i too had stage 3 bc ,had right breast removed September finished chemo December then went on to rads and I am feeling so alone at the moment,always feeling tired really worried about secondary cancer and no one to talk to, so your not on your own.

But we do seem to pick ourselves up no matter how we feel

Bravescholar - I hope you are doing ok with chemo. It is powerful amazing stuff xx

Ria its so tough. You seem to have got through treatment very quickly, I had mx in September started chemo in October which finished mid April, and rads for first 3 weeks of July. Feeling totally knackered with 2 kids and a needy husband!;

Hi Suzie, do you have date for your op?Not surprised you are feeling emotional it’s a big thing to deal with and you have had a break from all this in the. " non cancer world" only to plummet back in to the abyss. think was has happened also hits you sometimes when you least expect it.

Hi Jill yes got the date yesterday, going on on 16th Sept, its a scary thought though and I’m not looking forward to is but I know it will be in my best interest so I can get on with my life x

It’s a big thing to get your head around and a big op,but far better than having to face this again or live with the fear that it will come back.

Suzie, that is such an honest post.

I wish I’d been able to have a lumpectomy instead of mastectomy. All the medical professionals are delighted with my recon but to me it looks like a plate of oven ready pork! Grass is always greener and all that.

Oh I’m going to sound ungrateful but I wish I knew then what I know now because I would have asked for a double mx with no recon I feel like I have a pair of time bombs on me one of which is a bloody mess

Information and education is so important and until you are in this position you have no idea what it is like

we should be able to speak out and help others in making decisions

Agree riverside. It is my remaining boob that feels wrong not my mastectomy side!