I am worried

Hi I am worried also I had my op on 12th March was told i would get the results on 22nd but got phone call saying they were not through in time for the meeting I now have to wait untill 5th April to see if any of the nodes have cancer cells. Also the pain seems to be getting worse daily have not seen a breast care nurse since the day I was told when I was having my op. So now I seem to spend most of my time crying. I know there are nos. I could ring but just can’t as no idea as to what I could say I feel so blank and even though I live alone I have never felt so alone in my life. I cant talk to my son as I know he would ring my daughter and I dont want to worry her at all as she if fighting to get a mamogram.

Hi Ruth

Welcome to the discussion forums, I am sure you will receive lots of support here.

What you are feeling is normal and waiting for test results is very difficult, I am sure others will be along soon to share their experiences but whilst you’re waiting I just thought I would let you know about our Helpline if you feel it would help to talk to someone.

They are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturday 10-2 on 0808 800 6000.

Kind regards

Louise, Facilitator

Hi Ruth,
poor you!!! 10 days is long enough to wait, being asked to wait even longer is torture. I too am waiting for results of a ct scan so i no the agony ur feeling i had a total meltdown yesterday an i no you dont want to talk to your kids cause it hurts even more wen you see them distressedxxx. you dont mention anyother family or friends that you could call on to give you some support. sometimes a little distraction can help??? Have u the telephone of your breast care nurse. Please give them a ring tomorrow an just explain how ur feeling you will b surprised how helpfull they can be even just talking to some one can help.xxxx I wish you all the luck in the world
xxxx Monica xxxx

Lovely Ruth
I agree with Monarose, please phone your breast care nurse as soon as possible. Just tell her you are so worried, and is there any way you could get your surgery results quicker. She may be able to reassure you in some way. Hoping you get your information quickly, to put your mind at rest. I’m sending positive vibes and very big hugs your way. Take care.

Poemsgalore xxx

hi ruth
the numbers that you have, are they for the breast care nurse at your hospital? ive found mine have an answerphone and i leave a message for them to ring back but they are usually by their phones around 9am and 4.30 is, obviously when they are back in the office. you havent said what op you had but i can imagine that you are feeling down with no one else to talk to. i would try them tommorow and just explain that you are so worried that you need some more information to reassure yourself that everything is on the right track and that you havent been forgotten. during my treatment i have found that the medical profession dont offer details unless asked, so maybe tommorow morning is the time to sit down with your numbers until someone tells you more about whats going on. maybe during today you could jot down each thought that comes into your head and then you will know what to say, it wont matter if your mind goes blank when you ring them because its already written down.
meanwhile we are all here in pretty much the same boat, always waiting to hear about something, so youre not on your own, we’re all in this together!
carry on posting if you have something to say, its better to offload, it might make you feel better.
angie xx

I did phone my breast care nurse on Friday and left a message still waiting for her to get back to me thank you all for your kind wishes

Hi Ruth,
Just wanted to say my thoughts are with you and I’m going through similar myself. Had a lumpectomy and centinel node surgery on 13th March, 5 days after receving the confirmation of BC and only 4 weeks after finding the lump. Due to the holiday weekend my results won’t be ready until 5th April. I thought I was coping well and just getting on with it, my 2 teenage sons live with me but are currently going through the “it’s all about me” stage so I don’t have anyone around to talk to either. Didn’t think this was an issue until I went to my Dr’s today for painkillers (issues with fluid where the lymph node was removed). All of a sudden I found myself bawling like a baby! I now realise I’m not coping as well as I thought, I do need to talk about it and for once in my life I need to put myself first. I have been fortunate that my breast nurse has called 3 times since my op but I just didn’t connect with her and don’t feel like I could open up to her.
I agree with Ruth58, carry on posting on here, sometimes an online stranger who’s been there is a better ear than a professional who is paid to listen!!
Nicky x

Hi nickyb69

Welcome to the BCC discussion forums where I am sure you will get some much needed support from the many informed user of this site.

Here at BCC we also offer other services, our helpline staff are just a free phone call away 0808 800 6000, lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2. Also available is our peer support services either by phone or email which ever you find most comfortable. Do give the helpline a ring and have a chat - they’re here to support you through this.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

Well I an one of the luckier ones got my results and dont have to have any further treatment even though i do have to see the surgoen again as half of my wound is not healing and is infected.

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