I cannot believe what I was put through yesterday in an NHS hospital :-(

Hi everyone


I had a follow up appointment sent to me before my recent secondary, terminal dianosis, and rang my breast care nurse last week to ask if it was necessary to attend since i only have months of palliative care left.


She said I should attend, it may be that it is ‘just so the clinic see me prior to discharge since there is no further treatment for me, from their side of things’.  I just thought I was wasting an appointment that someone else may desperately need. But, against my better judgement, I attended.


I was met by my consultants registrar whom I had never met before, he led me into the treatment room, and turned and smiled and said it was GREAT NEWS! Bone scan done last August came back clear and that meant that I was still cancer free.  I sat and felt my anger rise - how could he not have checked my notes properly?? How could he not know I was terminally ill??   He then went on to ask what previous treatment I had already had - I told him, and then I told him, surely you have that information in front of you? He asked 3 times when my mastectomy was done, by which time - I LOST IT BIG TIME :frowning:


I shouted at him- that he should have checked ALL my recent notes since I am a new patient to him - I shouted at him I am terminally ill, I am having Palliative chemo - AND THATS IT!!  THERE IS NO FURTHER TREATMENT FOR ME - oncologist has given me months at best for survival. 


By this time, the nurse outside heard my raised voice and came in to see if everything was ok - NO ITS NOT OK I shouted at her - I told her I had a registrar sit telling me my cancer was all clear when I am terminally ill.  I shouted at him again - YOU SHOULD HAVE CHECKED THE COMPUTER - surely all the most up to date information would be there?!!! Lo and behold - the first letter on the computer was from my oncologist, with everything in black and white.  He apologised and said ‘‘I always check the file’’ I told him not good enough - the letter he was looking at was dated August 2015 - this is April 2016 - that letter is well outdated - I then shouted at him again - CHECK THE COMPUTER!!!


I also argued - why was I to attend in the first place?? I phoned the BC nurse last week who said I should attend.  Then the registrar says, I think we should just examine your remaining breast before you leave!!!


WELL - that was like a red rag to a bull!!! WHAT THE HELL FOR??? I have mets in my lungs, a HUGE whopping tumour on my heart - why the hell would I want to know if there was a tumour in my other breast!!??  The BC nurse sat with me the whole time - I asked her if I was being unreasonable refusing to be examined, her head was bowed by this time and she shook her head and said no.  I asked the registrar to leave the room so i could compose myself ( I was a sobbing mess by this time), and not to come back in until I left ( I actually wanted to throttle him by this time) - he disappeared, I sat and chatted with the BC nurse and told her how angry, humliiated, distressed I was about the whole experience.  She said the BC nurse I spoke to last week should never have said for me to keep the appointment as it was unnecessary under the circumstances.  Before he left - he asked ‘‘what support do you have at home?’’  What??? What??? What the hell has my support at home got to do with the fact YOU didnt read my notes?? I thanked him for his concern and advised him I have EXCELLENT support at home thanks very much for your concern!


After about 15 minutes, the registrar then reappeared with my consultant - I explained to my consultant that his registrar had just given me the ‘‘all clear’’ when I am terminally ill with only months left.  I told him I didnt want examined by anyone, I dont want any tests,  and that I had already told his registrar this, so why was he here now too?  My consultant asked if I was sure I didnt want examined, I said no.


I left the hospital on my own totally distressed at what I had just been put through, and it was totally avoidable on 2 counts - A. I shouldnt have been there in the first place and B. Because a registrar didnt do his homework before speaking to me


I had also posted on here before that I had been back to see the consultant on 3 occasions in 2015 to complain that I ‘knew’ there was something not right and that I feel my cancer had a local recurrence due to increased pain, fatigue etc etc etc. 


So, between the negligence of not finding the cancer when I kept going back to say something wasnt right, and the absolute fiasco yesterday - I am now looking to sue the NHS.  I asked for copies of the 3 appointments I made in 2015 to ask for help for the cancer I KNEW had returned.


I just feel totally, totally let down

Hiya Christina .
I’m actually shocked at the way you have been treated at such a terrible stage .
I’m rubbish at medical stuff but there are a lot of ladies here that have so much experience.
The one thing I can do is be the first to send you some hugs and say that we are all thinking of you and if you have a down day …post and we will all b here for you.
Hugs xxx

Dear Christina


I am so sorry you had to go through that ordeal on your own they have treated you abominable how could they treat someone so bad when things seem to be the end. I am so pleased you found the strengh to make them understand how you really felt and your onc should be ashamed for letting a registra take his or her place I hope they have a bad nights sleep. 

I’m not sure how you go about suiing them but I should make them pay for the distress they have put you through. I know some other ladies have made claims against their care and I hope they help you with the information.

My heart goes out to you and I send you cyber (((((((hugs))))))) do you mind me asking which hospital you go to. Please please try not to let this play too much on your mind and come along and rant rave or just chat on here xxxxxx

Christina I’m so sorry Thi has happened to you…i dont trust hospital too much my past experience has taught me that…anyway in 2003 I went to the breast consultant 4times with a lump she never gave me a mammagram despite dimpling as well…so eventually I asked for one and lo and behold I had stage 3 cancer.big mistakes covered up but I was on chemo and didn’t fight back.then in 2013 I got referred back to breast unit saw registrar as i had pains in mx area and extremely tired.he told me I had rheumatoid arthritis.but made me follow up for six months later…six months later a different registrar told me these was signs of secondary.ct next day secondary diagnosed.so its happened to me twice…this time I had meeting at hospital who apologised and said usual…learn by our mistakes…i then contacted a solicitor who said cant claim for original mistakes has to be within five years…and the secondary wd be hard to claim as “the end results are the same” as they would have been if the first registrar had done his job properly.anyway went to ombudsman who took up my side and took the case.i got a very small payment and another apology letter…if rhis helps you at all…no amount of money would ever make up for their blunders…xxsharon.

Christina words fail me!! What you have had to go through is a disgrace, total incompetence!!!

Sending you a huge cyber hug  ((())) 

Take care huge hugs Janette xxxxxxx 

Christina I really don’t know what to say to you, no words seem appropriate in the circumstances. Like the others I can only send you hugs & tell you how sorry I am. Anita xx

 oh my God,  I feel  very much for you ,how cruel  and  distressing for you, how you didnt hit him  I dont know, its just not good enough. With hine sight you could have demanded to see the Chief Exec or the  Medical Director,  its got me hoppin mad,  I hope you have off loaded a bit of this distress.


I am going through  something  similar  but  only tiny   compared to yours.   Two weeks ago I was told that I had multiple mets  , the consultant  even demonstrated where on her own body.  ok  getting a treatment plan  and accepted it, then last week saw a different consultant  and he said,  I only have one met in my hip,hes looked at the same scans???


Now  I dont know what to do  , what treatment do I accept ? who do you believe!!!.  how un professional, and  i need to get this documented  as  I keep thinking,  what if I was in a dark place  and went home deciding  I had had enough ???.


 Wishing you  everything you wish for,  big hugs to you  xxxxx and  i hope you  at least get a letter of apologie, xx

Hi Christina,

im appalled at what happened to you. How could a registrar, a senior doctor, have been so competent? I’ve had no end of cock ups and delays but nothing as serious as this. It’s compketely inexcusable. 

im so sorry you are facing only a few months left. Of course it’s always an estimate and they can’t predict with any accuracy. But either way you only have a limited time left and that is so so tough.

i know you want to sue the socks off them, and rightly so,  but I’m just wondering what would actually be the best way to spend the precious time you have left. Do you want to spend it angry, frustrated and embroiled with the people and issues that let you down so badly? Is this something your family could, instead, pursue after you’ve gone? What seems much more important is to look at what you and your loved ones need right now, and focus your precious energy on that. Can you, as it were, hand it over to someone else to deal with, and release yourself to focus on your own needs right now? It would be such a shame to spend this precious time seething with anger. You need your energy for the emotional journey that’s ahead of you. To give your time and energy to those you love, and building up happy memories for them to treasure.

i hope I’m not speaking out of turn, but sometimes you need someone outside of the situation to see the whole picture. And I know we don’t even know each other, so feel free to tell me to sod off!!

I wish you all the good wishes in the world, as you embark on the next stage of your unique life.  I wish you blessings of people who will love you and hold you. Who will surround you and your family. I wish you excellent health care staff who can sensitively guide you through the unknown. Please let us know how you are doing.

Jacksy xx


Jeez Christina,


I too am appalled at your treatment. I’ve had a couple of mishaps myself with medics and totally frustrated from. But NOWHERE as bad as yours.

How ARE you at the moment??

Please let us know and if there is ANYTHING we can do, someone akin you can voice/VENT to, have a chat/RANT wo’ever.

Be great to hear and speak with you lovey

Loadsa love + a big loooong Delly hug


Hello crjd
Sorry haven’t heard anything.
Carolyn xx

Thinking of your family today! X



Hope you’re all doing okay.

No crjd and Carolyn - I had wondered about Christina too.


Loadsa love

Delly xxxx

Happy New year ladies …hope u all enjoyed a few vinos last night and celebrated.
I enjoyed watching the fireworks on tv from London …and Robbie Williams …
Hope 2017 is a good one for everyone xxxxx

Hi I am sorry to bother you . I have just joined and have no idea how to post . I have had a recall from a routine mammogram and am worried sick

Hello Steph
Welcome and sorry you have to be recalled but fingers crossed things will be ok.
I’m not sure whether you have been previously dx with breast cancer or this is the first experience for you.
Whatever we will try to support you so post any fears you might have.
There are a lot of different threads on the forum which you should be able to find from the list when you take the forum option.
Keep in touch as soon as you have any results .
Carolyn xxx