I did it!

Last night I held my quiz night and raffle in aid of Breast Cancer Care. I’ve been planning it for weeks and I just kind of took it in my stride, writing letters to try to get prizes, finding a good venue, entertainment, people to come and yesterday it hit me and I was so nervous! I wanted to do it for my Mum though. She is in one of her good weeks and I knew she could be the ‘guest of honour’ so I did it! I was the quiz master and was a bag of nerves, nothing a large glass of wine couldn’t solve though!

Anyway, there was about 70 people, 11 great prizes, an excellent venue, a brilliant Elvis impersonator and raised £607.73!! Mum had a great time too. Only thing is she has woken up with a sore throat and I’m annoyed with myself for thinking it would be OK for her to be in a room with lots of people, but as she said, she did have a funny throat before, I just wonder if it was too much for her. Anyway I will make sure I look after her and the main thing is it was great to see her with a smile on her face last night, especially swinging those hips with Elvis!

Hope everyone is doing OK.

Michelle xx