I didn't know I had a lump!

Hi I seem to have quite a different experience to everyone else. I had my first routine mammogram on 02/10/10 and was recalled to my local breast care centre. I was expecting to told that everything was OK but I had 4 further mammograms (3 in the same place because they couldn’t find “it”) then an ultrasound, I was still reasonably happy at this point. I was then told that the fuzzy blob was “highly suspicious” and had 4 core biopsies taken, again because the fuzzy blob was proving elusive, all from the same place, all through the same hole. I was was given an appointment for the results next week and a “pencilled in” appointment at the Marsden (don’t panic, it’s my local unit!). So it would appear that I have breast cancer in some shape or form, it seems to be tiny and they didn’t take a biopsy from under my arm, I guess I am in the best worst-case scenario! Just waiting for results on Friday and a big brown envelope from the Marsden. I am currently very calm as I know freaking out won’t change the result and I will need to keep my self strong for what is coming. What I can’t figure out is why is my healthy fuzzy-blob free boob aching so much? Maybe its jealous of all the attention the other one is getting :catwink: (I do like these cat smilies) 

Hi Mirella

I am sure your fellow forum users will be along soon with their support.  The users of these forums have a wealth of knowledge and experience between them.  In the meantime I will put for you below the links to a couple of BCC’s publications you might find helpful.



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