I feel so down

Just had my first mammogram since being diagnosed last January. Had mastectomy,chemo and radiotherapy. I’m now back at work and just started coming to terms with everything that’s happened!

Just wondering if it’s normal to feel so down after being told everything is ok. Mammogram just showed a few cysts. I feel that I should feel on top of the world but I feel anything but. Can’t imagine living like this for the next few years.

cheers xxx

Hi suedehead, 

I am really sorry to hear you are going through this down time. Our users are incredibly friendly and supportive and I  can see that you have already had some replies on some other boards. I am sure they will be along soon to share their stories and reassure you. 

In the meantime please do call our helpline at 0808 800 6000 who will be able to talk to you about the stress you have been feeling and help answer any questions you may have. The helpline opening hours are below.

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Late opening Monday and Wednesday 5pm-7pm,
Saturday, 9am-1pm

Easter opening hours:

Thursday 24 March, open 9am-5pm
Friday 25 March - Monday 28 March - closed
Tuesday 29 March, open 9am-5pm

Best wishes, 




What you are feeling is absolutely normal, so don’t worry.  You may find the following article helpful - it explains why you crash after treatment:




You will start feeling better, you just need to give yourself some time

Ive been feeling exactly the same recently.  I had a mastectomy last April followed by chemotherapy, radiotherapy.  Im due to have a mammogram on 26th this month, im feeling really anxious.  Im trying to stay positive but feeling very tearful.  I do walk my dog a lot which i find helps, but there is always that doubt in the back of my mind “what if”.


Head’s up.

So know how you feel i have my first mamogram coming up. Think its around this time that it hits you what we have been through. Ive had a terrible time at work and this has been ongoing for a year. Thankfully i have got a new job and only have 2 weeks left in the hell hole. Seriously its only know when i am having to write down everything for legal reasons that its hitting me how badly I have been treated at work over my cancer. I wish some people had a heart. Xxxx

All the best for your mammo Dee, i was stressed out waiting for it but once it was here i was strangely calm and only had a panic when the letter came and locked myself in my car and had to take a few deep breaths before i could rip it open!! A great feeling to get the first year under your belt ? Xx

Good luck Dee,I found it very anxiety provoking too and felt like I had to put life on hold for a few weeks until I knew what I was dealing with one way or another.Sorry you are having such a crap time at work .

I drove round for an hour with my letter in my bag couldn’t face opening it!!