I feel tiny knots in the upper area of my boob

Hi, everyone! 

I have become so paranoid that I may have breast cancer. I have gained about 20 pounds this year, and I noticed my right breast is significantly larger than the other. When I squeezed my boobs, they both feel hard like knots, so I am not sure if that’s how my breasts are supposed to feel or not? I was always under the impression that boobs are squishy. If I am being completely honest, I have not examed my boobs until recently, so I have no idea what normal is supposed to feel like. I went to the doctor, and she performed that exam where you put your hands over your head, and she said, “you are fine- you do not have cancer,” basically laughed it off. Last year, I mentioned my breast pain to her, and she laughed it off again by saying, “welcome to womanhood” I am 29, by the way. So, my recent visit was last week and my doctor is sending me to the breast imaging place to get checked ONLY because I am so paranoid she laid. I left feeling better after her telling me that, and my appointment is set for June 4th. 

Last night I was feeling around in my boobs some more, and felt a tiny knot (I guess) on the top right area near my armpit, and of course, now I am freaking out. I poked around further, and there seem to be more tiny little knots around, but there’s one bigger one I would say the size of a bean. My left breast has similar feeling small knots, but I can not find one off on its own. I don’t know if I am paranoid or overreacting or what. My husband was laid off to covid-19, and our insurance ends at the end of July, which makes me even more scared if something is wrong. Please share your thought and opinions with me. 

& I hope my post made sense. I was very anxious writing all of this! 

Wishing you all the very best for your appt and fingers crossed all will be ok 

Hi Whitney29, I think you’re absolutely doing the sensible thing going for scans because it will give you a lot more information. Statistically you are much less likely to have cancer at your age, but you’re not being paranoid, you’ve just noticed some changes and have reported them. Having tests is just how medicine works, it’s the right thing to do to get it checked out instead of ignoring it. If your GP is right and there’s nothing to worry about, it’s still a valuable thing to have done: you’ll be reassured and you’ll also have a better understanding of what’s normal for you. If there is a problem, you can get on with getting it sorted and have it treated early. If there isn’t a problem you’ll have much more confidence knowing what is normal for you and that can be a baseline to help with breast awareness in later years. You could also ask for guidance about how to check yourself as it is tricky, especially pre-menopause. A nurse would be able to help you understand your anatomy better - I was surprised to learn how complex the whole area is, some lumpiness can be normal and you can taught what’s normal for you. Am speaking here as someone who had a ‘scare’ in my 30s which turned out to be a non-cancerous change, and later diagnosed through national screening program. I know it’s hard but my advice would be to try not to be worried but just plod on with getting yourself checked out x