I first joined this forum when my sister was diagnosed age 29, I am now 29 with the same diagnosis

Got a biopsy result 4 days ago (Invasive ductal carcinoma). I guess you just can’t escape your genetics: my grandmother, mother and sister all had breast cancer.


The bright side is that I know the drill :womanindifferent:, I was with my older sister when she went through this just 2 years ago. And that is why I booked annual screenings privately - I was told that, even with my family history, I was only eligible for screening through the NHS from age 40.


This was the third time I got a breast ultrasonography privately, last year the exam was totally normal. For this reason, I am so grateful I was able to afford the exam and that my family annoyed me so much about getting it done! 


I know I will be fine, but I also know it will be a very inconvenient year! :womanfrustrated:


Feel free to drop me a message if you relate to my story, I live in London and would love to meet someone like me. :womanhappy:





Hi Sipp,welcome to the forum .Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but thank goodness you insisted on annual screening .Do you know your treatment plan ? This is a very quiet area of the forum if you post in the recently diagnosed or Going though treatment sections of the site you will get plenty of support /friendship.

Glad you got surgery over .Yes ,post in the busier parts of the forum and you will get a lot of support.

Hi there hope you are ok , me and my sister were both also diagnosed last year 6 months apart , we have a strong family history also , grandmother and 2 Aunts . I’m brac2 but my sister isn’t. I’m 6 moths out of chemo now and double masectomy xxx