I had a hair cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well after endless anxiety about my hair, should I try to keep it, should I chop it off to stop worrying about it falling out, take control and deliberately shave it, go commando - I decided I would try to keep my hair. So I have spent an extra 3 and 3 quarter hours with the cold cap each time, ignoring the fact that I looked like a demented hamster with chubby cheeks (had no idea how bad I looked until I went to the loo mid chemo and caught sight of myself in a mirror) with the chin strap making any effort to eat or drink a mammoth task. Why the heck do they bring crusty rolls round on the trolley? Anyway after 2 doses and a monk effect bald bit on top, which I casually disguise with a combover and hairband, I HAD TO HAVE MY FRINGE CUT!!!
The said pieces of miniscule hair were found and paraded round the house to show everyone. They were not impressed but I know some of you will be? It may all be on my pillow tomorrow but today after 2 giant doses of epi I had a hair cut. Just needed to log this moment
Love to you all, however your follicles are
Lily x


Dont you just hate when people tell you dont worry it will grow back.

I had long hair to my waist and watched it slowly thin till one day my grandson yanked a handful out so out came the scissors and off it came with a fountain of tears.

And now 3 weeks later Iam having an inteview for remake of Kojak lol.

Everyone says I suit it and even went to the pub without anything on, But god was i nervous but no sarcy looks or comments all night. Yes it will grow back but will never be the same but i look forward to reinventing the new stronger me and so should you.

Take care hun

It will grow back lol



Well done Lily! Mine has been growing too, although weakening from the roots, and just starting to go :S

Congratulations for the pub Joanne, I might try dinner on Friday after the big clipper cut.

The comments I hate are:

“You might not lose it” Yes I blimming will - and if you think otherwise you are deluded and / or ignorant of the facts…

“It will grow back” - I KNOW it will grow back, but that doesn’t make the next few months easier, and if you think it will, *YOU* do it with me!

“When it grows back it will be curly / grey” - what are you, a soothsayer?

I am feeling grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr today. Can you tell?

Take care,

Caron x

You hang on in there, Lily. You never know what might happen.

I went for the 2mm shave 5 days before my second chemo. I’d had such a rough run with the first one (admitted to hosp for 6 days with neutropenic sepsis) and was petrified about what the second one would hold. My hair shedding had gained momentum & I didn’t want to deal with the ghastly chemo side effects plus daily moulting until the whole lot fell out. Well, let this be a cautionary tale - I still have my buzz cut! I also have a fluffy blonde halo of regrowth which the barber trims for me, but the original stubble is still there and I am approaching my 6th cycle now. Had I not shaved it I imagine it would have thinned quite a bit - my hair was fine and silky so it’s hard to predict what it would have looked like. I’m taking the shaved bonce in my stride and am mostly ok with it apart from when I have bad head days.

I say have an open mind and see how you feel about it. And the cold cap look is all about perception - I thought they were part of a riding club!

Good luck!

P.S. I’m sure I read somewhere on this forum that someone’s BCN had said that in x amount of years she’d only seen the cold cap work twice and that both those women were redheads. Well, surprise surprise I am a redhead, so perhaps we have tough nut hair!

well my onc told me that i would loose my hair so i poped to hairdressers where i work and had it cut very short //as mine was long and didnt wont it to come out on my pillow being long. so had it choped off so only 3inch would be on my pillow instead of 12inch

and yes they say …well it will grow back …but that dont make you feel any better at this time …dos it…