Damm pink is everywhere! Asda, the town and now even the organisation i work for, has decked the site out in PINK and PINK RIBBONS! YUK!


Sorry, but as i was looking at my poor scarred and numb breast last night and thinking my mammogram is due soon, i see nothing PINK about any aspect of BC!



Hi Naz

            Hmmm only things pink about bc for me are… 1/ my face with the constant hot flushes from tamoxifen and

2/ my poor booby from rads and subsequent lymphodema 



agree I am not a big fan either - but I really really find it !!%£ when large stores such as BHS and Debenhams here locally are promoting they are supporting BCC month but dont stock any Masectomy products!!!

Hi ladies, slightly different gripe with me. I know all my friends mean well but if I don’t write it here I am likely to get into a massive fb rant like I did last year. I just really really don’t get all these 'share this’blah blah post. whilst the whole selfie share did raise alot of money and my feed was full of lots of beautiful make up free ladies I choose to donate and share a breast check post. I chose not to share myself wigless and make up free cos the harsh reality is I couldn’t as I looked and felt horrific. Anyway the latest one is ‘set your Tata’s free go braless for breast cancer awareness week’ I mean is it me or does that one really take the p*ss. I only have one boob for Christ sake :frowning: my bra holds my other one in place.

Hi I did email them and asked them why had tried to email the local dept store got a press speak reply from corporate office “how good are we” kinda overlooked the point I cannot buy bras at the store

I did find the gang of beautiful and bubbly young girls with their pert breasts in pik cowboy hats a little irritating and more suitable to advertising a hen weekend than collecting for breast cancer.  

But then I am a bit crabby sometimes 

totally with you on that point

It brings out the devil in me and my sick humour.  I wanted to pop out my chewed up fake boob and say ‘there you go. I donated that to breast cancer’.  


Not many people find me funny and i didnt have time to get arrested : )

Ahhh now you see my dilemma is I love pink! One of my favourite colours … But since BC in nov I am also battling with pink brigade fatique on fb x I’m happy for every penny to research and happy to swallow the hypocrisy if it stops other ladies losing both breasts like me. However, I am 100% behind the stronger message - I think the pink fluffy “girls have fun” image can be unintentionally very damaging for those of us trying to recover and hiw we are viewed by others - I have had many inappropriate jokes and comments which in pretty sure wouldn’t come my way if I had leukaemia or some other kind of cancer- also God knows how men cope with a diagnosis with all the gender stereotype that this causes x

Ps - I know no one is knocking research funding here - rereading my post wouldn’t want to give that impression x

I know we need fund raising and awareness but I would like a day when I’m not faced with it at every till bus stop …and the back of a loo door saying their is no cure…that was hard to take after the lingerie department.

I am a 'glass-half-full sort of person but I feel exactly like everyone else on this thread.  Sometimes, when I am out and about and enjoying myself, just for a few minutes I actually manage to forget that I have breast cancer and then I see logos or slogans on lorries passing on the motorway, lapel buttons in shops, adverts in supermarkets, etc, etc - they are everywhere. Although I know it is all for a ‘good cause’ it is a constant reminder of what I have been through!  I know it is illogical and then I feel a bit ungrateful and guilty for thinking like this :womansad:. The young girls and ‘pert boobs’ bit doesn’t bother me though - they may be giggly and laughing but they too have probably lost someone close and at least they are making an effort on our behalf.