i hate the waiting

hi there was diagnosed 9th sept with grade 2 bc and can’t get first oncology appt till 22nd sept. waiting around is so stressful as have so many questions unanswered. it is normal to wait this long for first appt sorry if it a naive question to ask but not had any involvment with hospitals before. What can i expect from my first appt. so so worried! tazziex

Hi Tazzie

So sorry to read your post, the ladies on here are terrific and will always be here for you with help and support.

Your appointment date is within NHS guidelines, I know it seems like an eternity away but it will soon come round and when it does, be ready with a long list of questions and a friend by your side to take notes of what your oncologist is explaining to you.

I was diagnosed in January with grade 2 lobular cancer. I have had chemotherapy, two wide local incisions and last Froday I had a mastectomy. I don’t want to overload you with too much information but if you want to ask me anything (anything at all no matter how silly you may think it is!) please do. One thing I’ve always kept in mind is that we are all different and we react differently to treatments.

Like you I had no involovment with hospitals other than to have my two children and that was 27 years ago! I have the benefit of having a fantastic sister in law who was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2007 and has been through chemo and has supported me through out. It was great to have someone with me at chemo sessions and appointments, not just for the company but she would pick up on anything I missed when the oncologist was explaining things to me.

Hope this helps Tazzie

Mel xx

Hi Tazzie

The ‘waiting room’ is the worst place to be. Once you have a treatment plan in place you will probably feel a lot better.

You haven’t given many details about what’s happened to you so far, so any suggestions about what might happen at your appointment would be just speculation. Every BC is different!

The advice that I would give you? All those questions you’ve got - write them down and take them with you. Mellybottles is right - if you can take a friend or partner to your next appointmet, they will help you remember what’s been said. If you don’t, or you can’t, don’t worry - if you haven’t already, you should be introduced to and given the contact details of a Breast Care Nurse (BCN) - you can call her (or him?) with anything you forgot.

In the meantime, there are plenty of us here who will be happy to try and answer any questions you’ve got.

Take care and let us know how you’ve got on.


well at least grade 2 is normally good,especially if there is no node involvement and it is ER+ ( sorry is If that all double dutch to you)

i am grade 2 and just needed radiotherapy( time consuming but no real problems) and hormone tablets (well not tablets, A little liquorish alcoholic drink every morning–wonderful.

the uncertainty is awefull and the days tick by minute by minute and it seems as if the appointment will never get here.

have you had your op? oncology for grade 2 is normally after the path report is in-- but i am not expert perhaps i got that wrong.

if you have questions then the help line is great, they can go everything with you, trained nurses, and very patient and understanding.

have you been given a breast nurse? if so it would be better to ring them than the helpline becuase they have all your details and can answer questions speciifically about you and your diagnosis

Hi Tazzie, sorry you’ve had to join us. The waiting really is the hardest part as u imagine allsorts. Things do happen very quickly but when you’re waiting it feels like a lifetime. I didnt see my onc until after my surgery but it may be different with others. Can you give us a bit more info on what’s been said so far & if you’ve had any kind of treatment yet. We may be able to give u a bit more help then.
As the others say though, taking someone with u helps as does help & pen & paper. Also writing down beforehand what questions u need to ask.
The helpline are very good if u want to give them a ring or just keep posting on here & everyone will try & help, take care x

Hi Tazzie I know how you feel about the waiting.

I received my diagnosis on 5 Sept this followed a mammogram on 17th Aug and second screening/biopsy on 25th Aug, I then saw my surgeon on 6 Sept.

So although the beginning was all very quick my operation is booked for 30th Sept and it doesn’t seem to be getting any closer, everything seems to be in slow motion at the moment!!

hi everyone. It does seem like a long wait. Mine was very quick considering. I had my regular check up 16th May, got called back 2 weeks later, had mammogram adn biopsy got asked about my general health, which I was very concerned about. Then went away, came back to my next appt on 20th June when they told me I had breast cancer! They had penciled me on for my Op for the 15th July!!! Which was very very quick I thought. Mines a long story but they first told me I couldnt have a reconstruction due to my Angina but after asking for a second opinion I got it and had the Op moved to 1st Aug. So much happier now I ve had it done.
((((((((((((((BIG HUGS ))))))))))))))) TO YOU ALL… X