I have 3 of the BC signs :(

I found a hard grape sized lump in my right breast 2 weeks ago (can only feel when laying down), went to the doctor who has referred me to the Breast Clinic, I have an appointment next Tuesday, have tried to remain calm and positive as I have read a high percentage of lumps are nothing to worry about.  i have since discovered a tender swelling in my armpit and on observing my boobs with arms up in the mirror the skin around where the lump is located is a bit puckered.  I know i only have to wait a few more days til my appointment but it feels weeks away!!!  Its difficult to stop mind from wandering to thinking the worst when what i am seeing and feeling is screaming the worst…



Right take a deep breath and allow your rational mind to stamp on the anxiety monster.  Until you have seen the breast care team you wont know and that is the worst because your mind goes into overdrive, and oh we all know that so well on here.  Try to keep in mind that there are many benign breat conditions that it could be and does not have to be bc, but IF and it is a big IF it does turn out to be so, then the treatment and outlook for bc is very good, as you will see from a lot of the posts on here.


Let us know how you get on Tuesday.


Sending you a hug


Helena xx

One step at a time, dooglefluff. I hope you haven’t been on Google as that is the worst place - everything leads to BC! There are many reasons you could have a lump, so let’s just chunk it down into more manageable bits. You’ve found a lump and got an appointment - good for you, very proactive. The appointment means a consultant will look at the lump and you may / not need tests. Excellent that it is being investigated, as until it is you wont know  WHAT  it is. I would advise to go no further than this as it will put you in a state of anxiety worrying and wondering about the unknown. Time enough after the diagnosis as this is a real waiting game. Stay busy, exercise, practice a bit of mindfulness, and keep in touch here. Good luck with the appointment. ?

Just wanted to say hi dooglefluff, and echo the sentiments of the lovely ladies who have already replied. You’ve done exactly the right thing by contacting your GP and our wonderful NHS are on the ball with your appointment. I know it’s easier said than done but please try not to panic. Whatever your outcome is it will be dealt with (if indeed it needs to be).

Keep calm and carry on, your appointment isn’t far away.


Please let us know how you get on, the support on here is amazing.x