I have a lump

My first post and dont know whether I am worrying needlssly. i have found a lump on my left breast just to the right of the nipple, its about the size of a malteser, its hard and not painful and it doesnt move. I have an apointment with my gp in a weeks time. I only noticed it while cleaning up the gel from an echocardiogram. Since then its so noticable I cant stop feeling it, now I am worried.

hi Saphire,
You have done the right thing by seeing your gp, who may refer you to the breast clinic to get it seen to as that’s normal procedure.
The vast majority of lumps or other breast changes turn out to be nothing serious, so try & put it out of your mind - although easier said than done.
You’ve done the most important thing in getting it checked out.
ann x

Please Saphire, dont let your mind run away on this, most lumps are nothing serious & even on the off chance it is more serious, then bc is very treatable these days, with some of the best outcomes out there. Caught early, treatment is fairly straightforward with most women making a full recovery, its certainly not a death sentence!
Talk to your gp about it & usually a referral is made to the breast clinic to get to the bottom of it.
take care
ann x

I hear you!  I found mine about 3 weeks ago, it’s definitely there, got my husband to check and he can feel it too.  With it being Christmas, and we had my stepson staying, I put it to one side and got on with things, but the worry stayed and just got bigger.

I called the helpline on here yesterday and spoke with a lovely lady, she didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, and I answered most of my own questions to myself, but having her listen was what I needed to take some action.  Chances are, it’s nothing bad, but now I’m booked in and getting the ball rolling, that worry of “what is it” has gone.  Just by telling someone and taking a positive step has given me a fresh view - worrying myself daft isn’t making it go away, neither is ignoring it, the positive action I was encouraged to take yesterday have really lifted that weight from me.  If it’s bad, then I know, if it’s not, I can stop worrying altogether.  Have to say, I had the best nights sleep in weeks last night!

It’s a huge worry that it might be BC, but today I feel that if it is, then it is, and worry or no worry isn’t going to change the result - but knowing the result as soon as possible will give the best outcome.  More than likely it isn’t, and then I’ve worried for nothing.  I called my gp yesterday and they told me to book an urgent same day appointment today so I can be seen straightaway.  Maybe your gp will be similar?  I hope it will put your mind at rest a little to start the process of getting it checked out xx

I have been to see my Gp and he is refering me to the breast clinic, he noticed that the lump is pulling my nipple in when I lie down which is not good. Hopefully I dont have to wait long before I find out what it is. Now I am feeling really scared at the outcome.

Thank you both, thats the problem being on warfarin. Any hiccup with health it can throw it out.


I managed to get through to inr clinic so trying to come up with a solution because they say its not safe to just stop it like I did whooops! Took a reading while they were on phone and it had droped 10 points, 

I will keep you posted, 

Saphire, should also have said that I am on heparin.


For Panic attacks ( which I have had!) one trick is to place your hands on your tummy( below the umbilicus) and concentrate on breathing deeply into that area…we tend to hyperventilate into our upper chest when we panic and the increased oxygen makes the panic worse…anyway do try it if you wish. Some people try blowing up a balloon or a paper bag.


love and hugs,xx



Been given the date for my Biopsy, its Wednesday the 25th, they have told me that if my inr is below 3.5 It will be fine to go ahead. I just have to hope its good news.

I have been for my biopsy today so now the waiting begins for results.

I had 6 samples taken from the lump and 3 from lympth glands. The biopsy itself was fine I dont know what I was worried about it was completely pain free. I didn’t even feel the local anaesthetic going in. The nurse and doc who did it were brilliant they kept me completely relaxed by chatting during the whole procedure and talking me through it.  I couldnt help myself and watched the monitor the whole time, it was weird because I didnt feel a thing it was like watching an operation to someone else on tv.

Thanks to this forum and all of the help and reassurance from you lovely people I think I am over the first hurdle.?

Thank you Ladybowler

Yes I am resting and being waited on.  I didnt realise how mentally tired I am. I have lots of discomfort under the arm with a large amount of swelling , it seems to be a more sensitive area but I am keeping it under control with Co-codamol.

I decided today to tell my two daughters one was understanding that these things are treatable the other went into total panic mode and took quite a bit of convincing. Now its telling my sister she has just turned 60 and will need to keep a check on herself. I didn’t realise how important it was to tell close females in the family, just in case its genetic.

I have a date for my results which is the 6th Feb, now I am panicking again, I really dont know how to deal with this, I am feeling realy low.

I am still in a lot of pain under my arm and my boob is black and has swollen to twice its size, I dont know whether this is normal.  How do you all do it, you ladies are so brave and I am just falling apart. 

Thank you Ladybowler, you are a great help just having someone to share my feeling with is a boost. I am calming down a bit now I have taken the dreaded diazepam, I only have it for when I have to fly. Its not something I normaly take. It probaly doesnt help as I was given some more bad news yesterday, I may have to have another heart op on my aorta. It just seems it is all coming at once. 


Hugs to you and the team??


I have been for my results, its what I expected I have bc, its easily treated with removal and then radiotherapy, but there is a major problem with my aorta, it wont be safe to operate until thats fixed first. Now I am waiting for a result to see if hormone treatment will work on the lump to delay things until I my aorta is fiixed.

The breast clinic is getting together with cardiologist to get things movng, hopefully soon.


The nurses at the Stoke clinic were absolutely brilliant they told me everything I need to know and have loads of reading material to get through. 

 At the moment I feel so numb and scared as its a lot to take in. I am now very tired, very anxious and just want to run away and hide. 

I hope I can be as brave as you ladies and get through this without going loopy , hugs to you all xxx


Saphire i remember that feeling of wanting to run away! I actually wanted to get my hubby and kids and go missing where noone could contact us and where it wouldnt be ‘real’! You are deal8ng with a double whammy so it is hardly surprising you are feeling this way. My DCIS was taken away with 2 ops and then i had radiotherapy. I was diagnosed in September and all treatment finished on 29th December. I start my moving on course tomorrow!! You are in good handsxand your team will get you sorted i’m sure. In the meantime keep coming here for support andxreassurance and to let is all know how you are doing. Lots of love, hugs and prayers coming your way xxc

Hi ladybowler, Ann-m your comments have been so reasuring Thank you ?? I am feeling a little more positive today, just hope it lasts.

I have done hardest task of my life today and told the whole story to my daughters, brothers and sister, not just about the treatable bc cancer, it was to help reasure them before I mentioned the other.  My dear sister went to pieces and wanted to come rushing over, I knew she would. I got in touch with my niece because she was visiting an hour later to set her ipad up to facetime so she can physically see that I am fine. Now I can get on dealing with one day at a time. 



I think its time to finish this thread in this section and move to one of tye others. Xxxxxx

Ladybowler, Thank you for everything,


I am so glad I joined this forum you are all so brave looking beyond the fear that we are all facing.  When I read some of the stories I know now how others feel when they find that dreaded lump.  I know its not going to be easy but with all the positive vibes, I feel much calmer and can’t thank you enough.


Lots of hugs xxxx