I have IDC breast cancer stage two. I have swollen lymphnodes in my neck armpit groin. s

Hi everyone. It’s nicki nor been on here for a week or so. Really I need to come on here more for support. I’ve been so tired but can’t sleep. When i do sleep I wake up drenched. I’m soaked from head to toe. My hair is soaking wet. My pj’s and are wet through and my sheets are wet through to the mattress. It is so awful waking up like that so cold and so wet in your bed it is putting me off going to bed! It’s ruined my bedding.
I have breast cancer IDC stage 2. When I had my first CT Scan my armpit where is was swollen, which was the right side which my right breast has the tumor. It was all clear in that armpit. Since I have had the diagnosis my lymph nodes in my groin and right hand have come up. My hand If I knock it is so painful if I hit a vein. They seem to come up too. I know with breast camcer it can spread to your armpit. However why is my groin swollen?? I’ve been to the hospital and had a head scan as I was getting headaches and my vision was blurry from time to time. The brain scan come back clear also. I an fatigued but can’t sleep. My stomach is swollen too. The CT Scan was clear under my armpit? And the brain scan was too. However my cheeks feel puffy and my eyes too? Has anyone else had this with breast camcer. I’m on pain relief as I was getting shooting pains over my body and awful deep aches. I feel like **bleep** look like **bleep** I’m so low I have no support either. I lost my mum in august as well. I don’t speak to my family. So I’m so alone. I also was diagnosed three days before Xmas. My cancer nurse I’ve spoke to briefly a couple of times. I’m telling her my symptoms but she always makes me feel like I’m bothering her and it feels like she’s brushing me off all thr time. I know nothing about chemo I start that next week for 8 months. I said to her I was scared of being alone at home of I got sick with no support. She said nicola 80 year old women have chemo and have to go home alone and they cope. I was shocked at this as 1, I heard you can get sick 2, that she shamed me for being scared 3, I have no awareness I’m new to this and I had not ask her one question regarding this and she was like telling me off. I’m I being a drama queen? I feel so upset I’m now scared to ask her questions. I feel like I don’t want to bother her. I’ve also been to the doctors so many times about this and they said all my bloods where normal and that’s a really good sign?? I’m so confused. Can anyone please help me with some advice? Or at least has gone through what I am going through? Has anyone had all the lymph nodes come up with breast cancer? Any feed back would help as I’m certainly not getting any from my nurse doctor hospital. Thanks nicki xxx

hi Nicky,
So sorry you are going through this on your own, it is scary but there is plently of support here, with others going through what you are at more or less the same stage. There are others on here who are dealing with bc treatment whilst living alone, who will be able to share their experiences with you.
So sorry you have lost your mum & the timing of all this around xmas does not help.
Your symptoms are not likely to be bc related, it could be you have picked up an infection, together with feeling anxious & stressed & it would be normal to feel like this stage anyway.
Do come here & chat or rant as you want to.
hugs ann x

Hi Nicki, my heart goes out to you… I don’t come on to the website often either but I do read the posts. I am sure one of the more experienced ladies will come along shortly and offer support. Also I would suggest calling BCC and speak directly with one of the experienced nurses.  They are lovely… I spoke to the BCC nurse on line when I was first diagnosed and it calmed me a lot.  I am alone too, I don’t have a partner but I do have an army of friends and family supporting me but I still feel alone!..  The anxiety is crippling I know, especially early in the diagnosis and I now have better days and the bad days are becoming less often  as things move along… 


I am newly diagnosed (late Nov) with grade 3 IDC with one lymph node involvement, i had my op early December to have the tumour removed and I am just waiting for the results of my CT and bone scan, early indications show they may be clear but I wil know more tomorrow when I see the oncologist. I wil also know my plan treatment soon. 


Take care are and big hug coming your way


Ann xx 

Hi ladies. My Internet went down and had to reset it. It was so lovely to see your messages of support. Like you have all said I actually don’t think this exhaustion pains swelling etc Is anything to do with cancer. I am at barts now and just seen my oncologist and she was lovely. All my scans so far are CLEAR!!! Yay!!! I’m so happy!
I’m having a bone scan today, also another ultra scan on breasts. Just waiting now.

Ann-m thanks so much for the reassurance and support. I really hope your ok…I have just seen the cancer nurse she has put through to the psychologist for one to one counselling. I miss my mum so much. I’m sitting in the waiting room and know she would have been here. It would have broke her heart seeing me like this. In away I’m really proud of myself. I’m actually learning to hold my own hand. I keep saying all thr things my mum would be saying to me now. Thanks Ann big hug and kiss to you. Your message has made all the difference. Sending you lots of love ???

Hey anncan
I’m so sorry to here what your going through too. I really have so much empathy and understanding I am here for you too. I’m having my bones today. The good news is the other scans where all clear. Just this bone one to get through. It’s the wait in between and being alone with your head and it’s ramberlings that is the difficulty. I start chemo next week. It’s now three months of treatment. Also it’s one where I might not lose my hair…fingers crossed.I have amazing friends but don’t speak to none of my family. They are really sick people and will only stress me through my treatment. They are very selfish. They where awful to my mum. They wasn’t there for my mum so they certainly won’t be there for me. I have really good friends like I said and they are more my family.
I’m here for you if you ever need a chat. Lots of love and hugs to you ???

Stredel thanks for those suggestions. The nurse here at barts have put me forward for therapy. Also group therapy and the haven in fullem road. So I’m going to try my best to attend all that. I am just get of so tired and feel exhaustion every day. I hope your ok and well…here for you as well sending you a big hug and lots of love. ???

I’m feeling better today and I’ve realised I have to be stress free while I go though this treatment.
If that means being alone and keeping life simple then exceptance is key. I’ve realised you can’t change people. So ill move forward knowing I’m not alone because I have all you ladies that understand. Thank you for getting back to me and for all your love suggestions and support. Think I’ll give the nurses a call on here as well.

Big hug and lots of love to you all ???

Hi nicky glad alls gone well today I have idc too grade between 2 and 3 very invasive had the wle and reconstruction and snb which came back clear…start my 20 radiotherapy sessions next Thursday x