i have no confidence

i have no confidence

i have no confidence If anyone has read any of my posts, they will know of the trouble I’ve had with my employer and the way I’ve been treated badly through my cancer treatment and recovery.

I’ve been offered 4 jobs! Which is really great but my confidence has been shot down by my current employer and I still feel that i’m trying to recover from BC. I’m scared stiff to move forward incase i fail or that I can’t cope. It is so mad to feel this way as I was so positive right through treatment and now I feel like I’m struggling to keep my mind on a positive track.

Is anyone been through similar? I know I’ve just got to be brave and move forward, but struggling!



sometimes you have to take risks It took quite a while for me to get back into the swing of work but I think sometimes you have to muddle through and not wait for the ideal time when you will be 100% confident etc. To some extent you won’t feel confident until you have tested out how you will cope. You are a part-time life skills coach. Why not apply some of the things life coaches use to your own situation?a

Four jobs is great, so good luck, give one of them a go