I have op tomorow:(

I have op to remove 2cm lump and some nodes tomorow.don’t feel like its’s happening to me.i feel normal. i talk to people about whats going to happen but im not showing much emotion.i cryed when first diagnosed,then got realy annoyed at the disruption this cancer is going to cause in my life.i’m 42, enjoy my job,have 2 children and supportive partner.

Hello tete a tete!

All the best for tomorrow. I had my lump removed two weeks ago along with some nodes as well. It wasn’t that bad, and once you have the results you’ll know exactly what you’re dealing with and feel a bit more in control.

I’m 37 with 3 children and a hubby. It has been an awful awful few weeks and has turned our world upside down, but you cope, you get on and deal with it. It’s hard to stay positive, but you must. Be kind to yourself.

Have you got any support for after surgery? Take it easy.


Hello tete a tete and hurdygurdy

I also had my WLE op 2 weeks ago, plus sentinel node biopsy (4 nodes removed, all clear).

I am 43, 2 children aged 12 and 9 and partner ( complicated…)

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow. It is really not that bad and the first step towards getting rid of this thing that’s turned your life upside down.

You will be ok but will feel tired after the op so take all the support you can get.

Hope your kids are ok ?

Good luck
Anna x

Hi all, just to let you know that I had WLE and sentinal node biopsy in Feb,lucky that only got rads after and am now on tamoxifen,Im now out the other side and back to “normal”…well as normal as I’m ever going to be ! I have now set up my own homebaking business as decided this was the time to try something new after being through something like this.

I felt the whole experience was surreal and even though I’m finished with active treatment I still feel that it has happened to someone else and has all been a mad dream. Takes a lot out of you physically and mentally ,you will have good days and not so good days but you will get there.I have found this a great place for support and info, so what ever your query just ask away you will always find someone to help. Good luck.

Sandra x


Just to support what the other ladies have said. It is hard to belive it is really happening, but it is the first step to it all being over with! I had my operation on 20th July, i was so scared and couldn’t bear to even look at the dressing. But it gets better and you will cope with it.
It is not as bad as you may think, keep calm and determined.
Give yourself a little treat to look forward to when it is over.

Lots of love

Hi Tete a tete,

I felt the same as you when i was diagnosed at the end of July. I had no problems looking at the wound i just wanted it to heal faster so I could get back to my life. I’ve had WLE and the axillary node surgery two weeks ago. Now the reality has set in and i’m getting nervous about treatment. Everyone tells me keep positive and it leads the way to a better recovery.

We’re all in similar situations. I have only been here a week or so and find it very helpful as it’s not easy to talk to people that aren’t going through it - they can’t understand the confusion and upset it causes to your life.

Try and think that they are doing all they can to help you and things will need to get worse before they can get better. At least that is what keeps me going.

R x

Hi Tete a tete, good luck for tomorrow. My op went very well, it was a day surgery and was home by 8pm that evening. Had very little pain after the op and didn’t need to take any pain relief.
Waiting is the worst thing and by tomorrow evening it will be over
Best wishes

Good luck Tete a tete.This is your first step,but will soon be over.

I want to add that I too think the waiting is the worst bit of all. I can still remember the fear, the anger, the confusion. I had my mastectomy 20 years ago and the feeling is still with me…but I am still here…one day at a time ladies…there are survivors…I am one of them…I still have Cancer but life is not how it was all those years ago…have courage…you will get through all this…Much love Val XX