I have questions but don't have any answers, need help

I had a left mastectomy on 6th November, My wound has healed lovely but I have seroma and it is worrying me. I had it drained last wednesday, there wasn’t much only 250mls but it was enough to feel really uncomfortable. The Dr that did didn’t have very good english language skills and I ended up feeling a nuisance, maybe it was just me am feeling really sensitive at the moment. The seroma has re filled, it is not too uncomfortable yet, but I don’t know how long I should leave it before I ask for it to be drained again. Will it just get bigger and bigger or if I stick with it will it stop and eventually absorb. I just hate making a fuss. I want to get back to walking and some light exercise but this thing is stopping me. I don’t want bother the breast care nurses, they seem so busy. When I rang last week I just spoke to there secretary who told me to come in and see the dr. It is really getting me down, I suffer from anxiety and depression which this is not helping.

 My other question is, I am due to start Chemotherapy in about 3 weeks- as long as my seroma doesn’t pose any problems. I have shoulder length hair and am going to try the cooling cap, would it help to get my hair cut short before hand. don’t know what to do about this either.

Hope someone might have some answers. Thanks



I havent had surgery but would say to call your BCN rather than worry its their job to help you (I work for the NHS too and if I was at work I wouldnt mind a concerned patient calling me no matter how busy I was) 


I am currently having chemo and have decided not to cold cap but a lot of ladies who cold cap do get their hair cut a bit shorter to try and make it less heavy but its totally up to you if I had been cold capping I probably would have gone chin length x I dont think I could have done a pixie cut from the length I had


Please dont worry on your on call the hospital or speak to the secretary again if you really dont want to call the BCN’s - tip if you see the same doctor again ask him to write down anything you might needto remember just say that you are tired and not thinking straight so can he write down anything important you need to remember


J x

Hi Mausimouse, 

I am sorry to hear you are going through this difficult time. It is great to see you are getting some support from our amazing users.

In the meantime do give our support line a call at 0808 800 6000 who can talk to you about Chemotherapy and your mastectomy and offer their support. The helpline is open from 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.

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