I have to smile at my daughter

Because we have a building history of breast cancer in the family my daughter was sent for some genetic testing and scores yesterday. Good news is that she came out high end medium risk not brilliant but good all the same. However she had me almost hysterical as she recounted her first mammogram. “My God mother it was like jamming your boob in the fridge door” Not sure how many of us have stuck our bits between the fridge and the door but a good analogy… She is delighted that she is now in the system and will be subjected to fridge door slamming on a regular basis. Have a lovely day ladies xxx

That gave me a good laugh just now, thank you for sharing your daughter’s wisdom, because it is really like that…ow…

I was told many years ago by a work colleague - as I was  about to go for my first one, (she’d had loads) that it was like ‘slapping it on the photocopier and jamming the lid hard down’ , made me petrified! ?- but I like the fridge door better…

Glad your daughter is now being monitored, and it’s not a majorly high risk…as my daughter has already had benign cysts aspirated, (like I had many over my younger years) we were quick to ask whether she should have the same tests, they thought not, as so far it’s just been me and my mum in law, we think…


Anyway, last session for you today, take care and ring that bell…then you and your daughter should treat yourselves! Daughters are great…







Oh that is so funny and I can totally realte to that.  xxx

Thank you Mcnulc. Your daughter’s description conjured up a wonderful mental image. I shall think of that next time I have to endure the same.


Mcnulcc Chris…soo funny bless her heart …ive never thought of it like that but its true lol…lots of well wishes for you lovely lady …ringing out that bell welldone xxxxxx

Love it, Mcnulcc!!! Very apt indeed.  Do let your daughter know she’s given us a good laugh today?

ann x

I’d say your daughter gave a pretty spot-on description lol !  The whole time it’s going on, I’m doing a John McEnroe in my head, and thinking " You c-a-n-n-o-t be serious ".  How do bits of our body that spend their life pointing/drooping outwards, manage to get squashed so -f-l-a-t !!  I think it’s time that scientists sorted out a machine that just does the job while we stand there bra-less.  As they say, if it were men having this, such a machine would have been invented years ago!! ( I made my husband feel really squeamish when I compared the procedure to how he might feel if he had to have all his ‘equipment’ squashed completely flat!! )