I have tried to post this thee times! Sorry!

Dear Ladies So I’ve finally stopped crying. I’m not sure if I’m coming to terms with what’s happening to me or it’s the anti depressants kicking in. I start palpociclib today. I’m a little nervous that it’s tablets and it’s strong enough. The oncologist was a little more positive about managing bone mets yesterday. I hope she didn’t feel she had to do that as I was so anxious. Anyway for all of us dealing with this she did seem to suggest that treatments can work for some time. I’m learning to focus more on now. Feeling a little guilty about work! I am a treacher who hadn’t had a day off sick for twenty years. Now I’m not going in at all! Physically I’m fine. Mentally improving. Off to see my parents today x

I’m so glad your feeling a little better. Enjoy your day! BTW palbociclib has had some great results gutted I was unable to go on it.
Sarah x

I wonder why you can’t have it? Is it because I have been diagnosed with primaries and secondaries all at once and so haven’t been treated at all yet? Perhaps it’s usually used for primaries?

I didn’t get it because I didn’t get accepted onto the trial ( only available as trial last year )as my liver enzymes were too elavated due to my liver secondaries. I then went onto to be treated with IV chemo and once you had that you can’t then have palbocillib x

I hope that whatever treatment you’re having is working and is bearable. I have bone mets. I don’t know if the treatment is different. The ladies on this forum are very well informed!

Yes I had a fantastic response to carboplatin finished last August. Another check up scan later hope everything stable!!! Xx

I hope so too. I hope I’m not being too naive but some people do seem to be able to manage mets reasonably well. I have frightened myself with days of googling. I wish you well

Please let us know how you get on if you feel able

Thank you Anne. Yes you can still have a good life with mets I work part- time and travel lots?
Results in 2 weeks so will keep you posted. Hugs Sarah x

Thank you. Fingers crossed x

Hi Ff
In my health authority policy is once secondaries treated with chemo no longer eligible for palbociclib unfortunately ?. Will bring it up at next appointment again though x

This is my first treatment so maybe that’s why I got it. I very much hope you get the treatment you need x

Thank you for the tip!

Phew you got quite a list!!!. Thank you so much for sharing the info I will take a look at the site. Your story gives me hope
Hugs Sarah x

You broke your back? Goodness that sounds very painful! Hope you’re okay

Thank you. It is good to have started treatment and to feel I’m doing something. I’ve got rather obsessed by the whole stage:4 thing which I keep googling. Any thoughts on that?

Surely you should have been on bone strengtheners earlier? I am three small spots on my bones and I’m about to start bisphonates. I’m in London - maybe treatment varies? Best wishes Anne