I have triple x negative breast cancer

I have triple x negative breast cancer just wanted to know if anyone’s going through treatment now as I had Mastomy in November and will be starting chemo in two weeks

Hi currentbun

I was going to suggest you go to the front page of the Forum and find the area about just being diagnosed (with Primary BC) but I see you have already posted there. This part of the forum is for ladies (and gents) with secondary BC so although you are welcome to post here you probably wont have so much in common with your treatment plan and recovery from your mastectomy. Good luck with your treatment going forward.

Nicky x

Hi Nicky sorry didn’t explain very well I have secondary xxx I had it first time round in 2006 I was 45 I’m now 56 they are going to give me gemcarbo as chemo I,m a career for mum who has dementia she is 83 my sister is going to help me but I’m quite worried about the effects of chemo so just wondering if anyone is going through the same treatment,thank you for replying to me I find it quite lonely trying to deal with mum and me thanks again Nicky 08

Hi benbrowsmum it’s so nice to hear from someone else going through the same as me I was very frightened by the new chemo cabro taxol ,I’m having every week today’s my second 19 Feb I’m having a few side effects which are not nice ,hoping they can help me with them as feeling wiped out ,I’m a pretty Strong person,I also have friends who are still clear ,just got to be strong and fight , keep smiling we will get through xx