I hope I'm not wasting the hospitals time xx

I’ve been plucking up the courage to write this, I havent got anyone else to talk too as only my husband knows. So i’ve had pain in my left breast on the outer edge for so long i cant actually remember but over the last month or so it has got alot worse, I cant sleep on my front anymore and when my little boys cuddles in I wince and have to change sides, Last wednesday I noticed some swelling to the left of my breast bone under my collor bone so immediatly made an appointment, The doctor could see the swelling straight away without even touching the area, upon her checking she also found quite a large lump which doesnt move,she has referred me and im there next thursday, Im a complete wreak, Im just getting myself more worked up and would hate to be wasting anyones time, Which is probably why i never went about the pain when it first started and then i keep thinking well its my own fault if it is anything sinister because i shouldnt of ignored it. Surely it cant be BC im only 36, very heathly otherwise, Im just feeling completely lost and isolated so really just needed to vent, Im so sorry xxxx

Hi Coltrim,

Try not to panic about it, it’s absolutely right you’ve been referred & no, it’s not is time wasting at all. 

Only the clinic can get to the bottom of it & bc would be the Least likely reason for it. There are far more common reasons for your symptoms & it not being bc related is the usual outcome.

The anxiety when waiting is difficult, we’ve all been there, but try not to let your thoughts run away with you. 

It can help with the wait, to carry on as normal, keep busy & avoid any googling of your symptoms as you won’t find the answer & it only makes any anxiety worse for no good reason. 

The clinic will sort it out for you & fretting won’t change anything. 

Chances are, after the appointment, you will be very glad you went & will feel reassured about it all. 

ann x

Thankyou so much for your reply Ann, it’s very appreciated that you’ve taken the time to message xx you really have put my mind at ease xx Your right I’m going to keep myself busy and just get on with everyday xxx

Wise words from Ann as always! You simply cannot second guess what it is as there is just no way of knowing, we hear breast lump and immediately think of cancer but in reality that is likely to be the last thing it will be and not because of your age but simply because the majority of breast lumps are benign. 


Ladies your age and younger do get breast cancer sadly and I don’t say this to scare you further but because it’s a fact and I can’t lie to you and say they don’t. We range from 20’s to 70’s and beyond across the forum so age really has no baring on a diagnosis anymore.  


You will never be wasting anyone’s time getting a breast change checked out it is absolutely the right thing to do no matter how minor it may seem. You will find plenty of support here to if you need it while you wait, we all understand just how hard it is Xx Jo 


Thankyou so much, I think I’m finding it harder because I don’t want anyone to know, I’m a very closed book person and hate any attention so being able to talk on here is amazing because nobody knows me but you all understand exactly how I’m feeling xxx

Thank you Delly, I’m so glad I found the forum, Thursday can’t come soon enough, The swelling in my breastbone area is actually getting bigger, trying not to worry, otherwise I feel absolutely fine xxx

I have my appointment on Wednesday x fingers crossed we both get good news xx