I hope this helps you x

5 years ago yesterday on my 49th birthday I was DX with grade 3 IBC which had also gone into my lymph nodes 3/21 were affected, It was especially horrid being DX on my birthday as each year is so hard around this time, bitter/sweet , today I received my latest mammogram results and all looks well, I wanted to touch base with you newbies to just try and give a little positivity to you at this worst of times x

It feels like your world has come crashing down on you when you are diagnosed and it is by far the worst thing I have faced BUT you do get through, day by day and week by week and then before you know it its year by year, Im not looking through rose tinted glasses, I know it could come back even worse but when I was diagnosed I honestly didnt think I would be here in 3 years let alone 5 a feeling I am sure you are all aware of I hope this helps a little I no how good it was to hear from ladies further down the line, and we all get on with our lives after treatment and visit the forum less and less thats a good thing, but its also good to keep in touch and remember how different things were not so long ago and how lost and alone we felt


I wish you all well and the very best


L xx



Thanks Lottie. I am in that place you were 5 years ago and I am nearly halfway through chemo and feeling very low and scared. Reading your post has helped and given me a much needed boost.

Thank you so much for posting your experience, Lottie, its so good to hear these outcomes & very best wishes to you.
ann x

Thank you Lottie. I for one really appreciate these posts from people years’ out.

Thank you for taking the time to post this message, Lottie. It all helps us newbies.