I’ll health retirement

Hi all

i was diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer in 2018. Had a lumpectomy , chemo, radiotherapy. Found another lump in August 2019 and had mastectomy in December ( delayed as I thought lymphodema as had it in the breast). They found 2 tumours each 2.5cm a lot smaller than the original that was over 15cm!!! 
I’m 39 years old and also have multiple sclerosis which since the cancer diagnosis has got a lot worse. I’m thinking of applying for I’ll health retirement as I’m in constant pain and really tired all the time. The pain after the cancer means I can’t even hug my kids properly anymore and sex between me and my husband is pretty much non existent due to the pain and fatigue. Just wondering if anyone else has applied for it and how it went. I have the union involved but haven’t mentioned it to my manager yet. I work for the nhs but so many questions. Thanks in advance 

Hi, just seen your post and was wondering how you got on with your ill health retirement plan? I was diagnosed in September 2019, had lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy and Herceptin. Also having bone infusions. I am a teacher and don’t feel emotionally prepared to return just yet, especially with Covid situation. I have days when I think I would like to return to work and others when I don’t think I could do anything. Not sure if I can apply for ill health retirement as in teaching I believe you have to be terminal or at least Secondary.