I love my Oncologist!!!!

Had to share this…

My rather hilarious oncologist just phoned me at home to clarify my MRI results and told me I only need 2 more Taxotere…hurrah hurrah. There was some confusion over measurements, but anyway it’s all good and my last dose will be 2nd November…yippeee.

Anyway what really made me laugh was when he came on the phone he said who he was and asked how I felt after the first Taxotere…now he is foreign so I think this was lost in translation somewhat but I said ‘Oh god I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus’. He said (in a rather panicky voice) ‘OH NO - YOU’VE BEEN HIT BY A BUS, ARE YOU OK?’ Hmmm had to laugh, bless him he was probably thinking…How much bad luck can one person have!!!

Hope that makes you smile.
Love and hugs (mind that bus!)

Hi Ali,

Thats great news!!! how has it been on the tax? worse than the other?

Im due my 3rd EC tomorrow - half way there!


Ali - thanks for that it really made me laugh

Hi Ali,

that has really made me chuckle!!! Great news that you only have 2 more chemo session to go, nice one!

Take care,


Brilliant news Ali,
Have just completed FEC 3 this afternoon, HALFWAY THERE!!!

Kim x

Well done Kim - all downhill now eh?
Good luck tomorrow Lynne then you’ll feel a bit better I hope…
I thought FEC was sh*t but Taxotere is really sh*t. I thought nothing could be worse than the nausea, sickness and vein trouble I had on FEC - but proved that theory wrong yesterday - I felt absolutely rubbish - still not right today. I can only describe it as the worse flu ever with pains in the joints too - plus a cruddy mouth that feels like it’s about to break into 100 ulcers. I can cope better now I know I only have 2 more to go!!!

Love and hugs