I’m 24 with breast cancer and I’m scared!

I’ll be honest when I say I’ve never posted to any kind of forum before but reading everyone’s inspirational stories and bravery made me feel like I should share mine and I wanted to ask for some advice. 

I’m 24 years old and on the 9th December I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A few weeks earlier I found a lump in my left breast and after talking to my mum I made an appointment to get it checked with my GP - at the time I assumed it would likely just be hormonal but now I’m so thankful that I went. At my GP appointment, the doctor said she was “99% sure it was nothing to worry about” but would refer me to the breast clinic at the hospital anyway to just get that additional reassurance. 

At the breast clinic the first specialist said he thought it was a benign lump but he sent me for an ultrasound to check. They did the ultrasound and I was quite surprised when the specialist said it was a solid lump and they would take a biopsy - I’d never had anything like this done before and because of Covid restrictions I was there on my own, so I suddenly felt really scared. 

A week later I returned for my follow up appointment and was given the diagnosis that it was grade 1 breast cancer - estrogen positive and HER2 negative. Honestly, I’m terrified still. A few days later I had another appointment to have a mammogram and a biopsy of a lymph node - which a week later I was told was negative which suggests so far that the cancer has not yet spread. 

I’m now awaiting my lumpectomy on Wednesday - I’ve never been into hospital for anything before so I am quite nervous. I’ve been told that i will likely feel less scared after my surgery - does anyone else agree? Honestly, I’m most scared about the future and what that looks like for me. Will I live in fear forever? 

The specialist said they currently hope that I won’t need chemo, but will instead have radiotherapy and then take tamoxifen for 5 years. He recommended that I calm down and talk to those at [LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED]
At the moment, only my family, boyfriend, close friends and work colleagues know about the diagnosis and I know they’re all worried about me so I’m trying to stay strong! It is tough though right???

I’m determined to fight this and come out the other end stronger!! 

Any advice or tips on coping would honestly be really appreciated. Thanks.


Hi, so young but so brave :slightly_smiling_face:

firstly well done to your mum for advising you to get checked by GP so quickly.

Your prognosis sounds positive as no lymph node involvement so far, and diagnosed early so thats very good news.
I always focus on the positives, it really helps.

it is normal to feel anxious and scared, especially if you have never had surgery before.

The lumpectomy surgery is usually straightforward and not too much pain afterwards (everyone is different though so make sure to ask for extra pain relief if you need it).

Get plenty of rest afterwards so your body can heal quickly.

i felt anxious before my surgery (in mid 30’s) but much better after it was over, i think it was fear of the unknown.

i took a book to read and played games on my phone to distract myself whilst waiting.
All hospital staff were great and helped put me at ease, answered all my questions.

Hopefully you can have someone to go with you too, for extra support.

Talk to your close friends and family, sometimes writing down your thoughts can help make sense of everything going around so fast in your mind!

I am sure you will be fine :crossed_fingers:

Anyway, i am wishing you all the best, sending you a virtual hug.

Everyone is so helpful and supportive in this forum, let us know how you get on xx

That is very bad news. I am not surprised you are scared. It’s very rare to be diagnosed with breast cancer under 50 so bad luck but good luck that you were taken seriously when you went to your GP with a solid lump and had all the tests, some of which are uncomfortable but I must say not as painful as they used to be when I was first diagnosed 19 years ago. 

I believe knowledge is power. Unfortunately breast cancer is the most common kind of cancer and there are always stories about women getting it and dying of it. Every kind of cancer is worrying. Breast cancer is treatable but the most common treatment is surgery, which involves cutting out the tumour with a margin of non cancerous tissue around it so they are taking out all potential cancer. It’s like the removal of a bit of bad in an apple. I personally would prefer not to have had surgery especially not on my breast as I felt somewhat disfigured by it. 

Actually after 19 years I had got used to it and realised there’s more to life than bosoms and symmetry. But that’s old age for you. I was first diagnosed at 48 now again at 67. My advice would be there’s more to life than breasts and I learnt a lot from the support group I joined which in those days was weekly and in person. Everything now seems to be by zoom or on line. There was a breast cancer forum even then in 2003/4 and I liked that as it’s open 24 hours a day and I like writing diaries and the like so it suits me. 

and I can be anonymous


Sending much love to you.

sounds like it has been caught early, which is very positive news.

For me, the surgery was no where near as bad as I imagined. I was in very little pain, the worse bit was waiting to go into surgery, as I was the last one!! Take a book and an iPad!! And a dressing gown as it can be a bit cold!

Hope it all goes ok xxx

Hello lovely, I am late to your party as I just joined this group. I was diagnosed with endometrial adenosarcoma at 27 and now recently breast cancer at 37. It’s normal to be scared. Everyone is. Does not matter how old you are. Some may tell you it’s all relative to things you have been through and you scared because you have not experienced anything like this. I can tell you that is not true. After many many surgeries, including a hysterectomy and getting through things the first time, I am dog sh#£#t scared for my double mastectomy. My prognosis was much worse the first time, I lost my uterus just as me and my husband wanted to start a family. I am a decade older. And I’m more scared now than ever before. I believe it is good to be scared, it means we think about everything and ask everything. Write it down, everything you are scared of. Everything you want to know and talk about it with your medical team or a McMillan nurse. I watch surgeries online, it is horrific and scare me even more. But has lead me to asking many questions and getting really good answers. I am not ready for my surgery, I am still scared. But I’m confident that my medical team know everything that concern me and have worked out my plan for me based on our discussions.

I hope you are okay. Please take care 

Like most of us I was not looking forward to my lumpectomy on 22nd Dec last year. However, when operations we’re being cancelled due to rising COVID rates, it made me realise how much more scary it would be if it didn’t go ahead. Then our surgeon (there were 3 of us waiting in the same area) was 90 minutes late and we were all desperate ours went ahead. The operation & coming around from the anaesthetic took us all about 90 minutes. We had to have something to drink & a little to eat before we were discharged, but as it has been nil by mouth that day, it was very welcome. I had a few minor issues about a week later, but they were quickly sorted when I contacted the BC unit. I still have my fearful moments, but I’m positive about the future. 

Hello @PalpitationNo8  

i hope you are making a good progress with your treatment. You are so young and not suprising it is scary. how are you doing?are you getting any genetics testing?

Merry Christmas


Dear Olivia

How are you doing? i hope you have a great Christmas cancer free - you deserve a bit of time off for going through this.