I’m in so much pain! Any help appreciated!

Ok so I was diagnosed triple negative breast cancer in Feb 2020, had x6 chemo then 5 was later wide local excision to remove remainder of tumor and sentinel node removal, finally followed up with x 10 sessions of radiotherapy, totally underestimated extent of effects from radio and so my skin continues to change, feel tight and itchy despite finishing in September 2020! 
anyway I have developed an infection in my breast which my surgeon has prescribed super strong antibiotics for on Tuesday so I’ve now had 8 doses of this she also drew in permanent ink around my breast and surrounding area it feels on fire and very heavy sometimes like explosions are happening inside, I’ve to go back tomorrow to see surgeon but I don’t think enough of an improvement will be seen and I’m terrified of what could cause this, does anyone have any ideas?

my temp has been up and down and I’ve been chittering and shaky but once paracetamol taken temp is back down x


im in hospital on I’ve antibiotics infection has spread will be admitted to surgical ward shortly.