I’m waiting...

Hi all,
Reading all your posts over the last few weeks has been great and helped me stay reasonably calm.
Found a lump and was seen quickly. Mammogram saw nothing but there’s no hiding from the US! Glands enlarged and suspicious looking lump! Lots of biopsies from my lump and from under my arm.
The waiting is so tough but Wednesday at 11am is D-Day for me.
The tiniest thing reduces me to tears even though I know treatment is fantastic these days.
I know it could be nothing but also very realistic as the hospital looked quite concerned but said very little.
My partner, family and friends are a great support but it doesn’t stop me being awake in the early hours most days ? Bring on Wednesday.

Hello Coffee,

I really feel for you. The waiting is undoubtedly the worst part and it is understandable that you are feeling emotional. So many of us here have been in the same situation and I truly sympathise. I will be thinking of you on Wednesday. Please let us know how you get on xxx

Thank you hufflepuff I will let you know. I’ve gone from being an emotional wreck to actually looking forward to it being tomorrow so that I will finally know after all the waiting.
It’s like waiting for exam results and hoping that you get good results!



Good luck for tomorrow


Helena xx

Thank you Helena x

Hi Coffee,

Was thinking of you today.  Hope you are okay xx

Hi all,
Thank you for asking after me. It’s not good news unfortunately. Grade 3 IDC. Er and pr positive. Chemo starts next week and then lumpectomy. One involved lymph node.
Getting hair cut short this weekend. What a rollercoaster! Just getting by without crying constantly!

Hi Coffee,


I found your post this morning and just wanted to say how sorry  I am.  I can only echo what Ann has said. There is so much support, guidance and kindness for you here.  Sending you a big hug and thinking of you xxx