i need help

Im new here and looking for advice.
I found a lump and was referred to the breast clinic, the consultant examined me then i had a mammogram, i was then asked to go for a biopsy. They contacted me a few days later to have another biopsy which ive now had and it was very painful. My breast with the lump has been really sore for about a month now which is why i got this checked out, the pain is sometimes unbearable.
Im booked in for a full bone scan on monday and an mri scan on wednesday then nxt friday i go back for my results. they have told me they think it is cancer but im still very optimistic and hope that it isnt.
Has anybody been through similar as im so confused and really scared i dont know which way to turn :frowning:

Hi nikkililly and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sure your fellow users will be along shortly with support and shared experiences, in addition, please feel free to call our helpliners for further support and a listening ear on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturday

Take care


sounds quite similar. I found lump and was referred. When consultant felt it thought was benign but then sent for mammogram and ultra sound. The mammogram and ultrasound however confirmed unfortunately was BC.

They said they couldnt be 100% certain til biopsy came back but they were pretty sure. I too hoped it was some awful mistake. I still cant process it and it was 6 weeks ago I found out.

I hope you get the news you are so longing to hear darling but please know if you dont so far the worst part for me has been the waiting for results as its mental torment. Once you have a treatment plan you will feel more in control and the women on here are fantastic and so supportive. We all understand what emotions you are going through cos we are in same boat.

Really hope you get good news you are in my prayers x

Im doing everything i can to take my mind off things im still doing my normal working hours even though this is quite difficult at the minute due to the constant apin. Its hard to put it to the back of my mind because the [pain is always there.
I know i must seem like a huge drama queen and im sorry and i know people out there are suffering more than me but i just need to vent some of this before i actually go insane :frowning:

Im really sorry for this. The breast specialist nurse tried to ring me this morning to make sure i was ok because i was in a bit of a state yesterday after the biopsy (very painful on top of an already painful breast) but i was in work so i missed it.

now isnt time to be a hero. My husband been off since I was diagnosed as I just couldnt function. The shock, disbelief, unfairness ( Im 39) it just hit me like a freight truck.

Ihope you have people around you to support although to be honest I found myself not wanting to hear advice from anyone unless they had had this disease themselves as feel they are only ones who truly understand and get it
when do you get your results??

You are not a drama queen. The whole process of being in The Waiting Room is by far the worst bit. This forum is where you can come and rant and ask questions that you need to know the answers to - there will always be someone here who has been in your situation. I too found the biopsy incredibly painful, and in fact has been the most painful part of my treatment so far so physically things should get easier for you from now on. Mentally, things will be tough for a while yet. Do you have the number of your Breast Nurse Specialist? Can you phone her back and at least get some reassurance from her? I know it seems like a lifetime away, but having two scans and then getting the results next Friday is pretty good going. And then you will know… and if it is cancer you will then have a plan …and it is doable.
Huge virtual hug xx

Thankyou so much for your reassuring words and making me feel less like a drama queen.
I get my results friday the 9th :frowning: i know its not far away but it feels like forever. I have alot of support around me and my mum has just been given the all clear from bowel cancer last year.
its hard to stay posiitve when they told me they think its cancer but obviously have to wait but i just wish i knew either way its literally the not knowing thats driving me insane.
I may phone the nurse back tomorrow i know it sounds daft but i think im just too emotional at the minute and talking about it will just set me off. Thats why im trying my best to keep everything as normal and keep busy, although i must admit i wish i had a few days off as i feel physically and mentally shattered.

Im such a moaner, im sorry everyone hopefully tomorrow is a new more posititve day :slight_smile:

dont apologise you have just been told you may have bc. It is exactly like that advert when you see the people fall down.
glad to hear your mum given all clear that will hopefully show you this b**t**d can be beaten
if you get it confirmed you will have loads of support here
let us know either way
fingers crossed x

You aren’t a moaner. You arent a drama queen. You are a person whose been told that she likely has, but may not have, cancer. I agree with everyone above that waiting is the worst. Obviously a negative biopsy is what you are hoping for. But even if it is cancer, I think you’ll find it a relief just to know one way or the other. It was certainly that way for me. And prognosis these days is generally very good. And this site is a great place for advice, and venting all your feelings. You will always find someone on here who has been through what you are going through and that’s invaluable. Keep hopeful, whatever the outcome xxx

i will keep you posted :slight_smile: i do feel better after getting a few things off my chest :slight_smile:

hi nikkilily
biopies are quite painful, you just have to be gentle but it does take a while to ease.
your diagnosis, i feel personally that they are not being quite fair saying it might be or it might not and then leaving you such a long time to say which it is. they will have meetings that happen on a weekly basis where several consultants will check and decide first if it is, and then what they will do about it. i expect thats why the long wait, which is awful.
i did go back to work too, because if i was sat at home i would be thinking too much and driving myself crazy, you might feel better if you had a day off to get yor head together though.
chezzap is right too, if they tell you it is BC you will feel exactly like that advert, that sytill makes me cry, the sentence starting with ‘unfortunately’.
so while you are waiting, have you got a telephone number for a Breast care nurse, you could ring and explain that you are worried sick, that its a long time to wait, she might be able to explain why and then you wont feel so forgotten. I hated that feeling of ‘have they forgot me’ on two occasions they had, but you have your scan planned so i dont think thats the same in your case. they wont mind if you ring them.
hopefully it will be good news,
meanwhile, take care.
angie xx