I need help

I don’t know what it is but I have recently noticed a lump underneath my left nipple I am only 14 and I’m scared to tell anybody incase I’m overreacting but my mum and grandmother have had breast cancer and I am a male and I don’t know what to do and would appreciate any advice

Hi Connor my first advice would be to tell your Mum or Dad or another adult such as a teacher you trust. It at your age is probably just part of growing up and changes to your body but you should get it looked at if you are worried and tests will confirm thism The grown ups in your life will not be angry or upset with you infact if you were my child I would be proud of you being grown up and brave enough to tell me and ask for help. Do not worry about it on your own , tell an adult xx

Hello thanks for the advice I told my mum and she was alright about it she took me to the walk in and they said its nothing to worry about but thank you for the advice

Hello quick update I have been searching on Google about this because I was still a bit anxious and I found it is probably gynecomastia and it is normal for boys my age going through puberty so I feel a bit less worried now because I usually think of the worst outcome but thanks again for your advice