I need of some advice


I’m looking for a bit of advice on something. I’ve recently undergone a course of ivf treatment and noticed a small lump about the size of an apple pip in my left breast. Its hard but the feeling of it changes dependent on the position of my breast, went to the Doctor on Tuesday and she has referred my to the breast clinic, she thinks it is just changes in the breast tissue and has told me not to panic as she sending to make sure there is nothing more sinister as we are planning another ivf cycle as this one was unsuccessful.

Has anyone else had this sort of experience and should I worryu?


Anything like this is a worry and it is not good saying don’t worry. However, far more lumps are benign than cancerous, so with any luck you will be in the [relative] clear.

Let us know the results of your visit to the breast clinic.

Hi Vonnie,

I don’t think any of us SHOULD worry but, of course, we all do. It’s natural to be anxious and I think most people here would agree that being in limbo is the hardest part; waiting for an appointment or waiting for results.

You’ve come to the right place for support, though. The people on this forum are friendly and helpful and there’s always someone who’s happy to listen if you want to rant, if you want to share your feelings and, when you have results, to support you if the news is bad or celebrate with you when the news is good.

Like Phoebe said, keep us posted when you get your results and, in the meantime, if you want to share your feelings with us, just go ahead. We’re all here for you, Hon

Take care,
beano x

hi vonnie,
yes your on the right place, you will get all the help you need here,your gp might be right but at least they are covering all outcomes.
we pray you will get good news,
it must be devastating to know your ivf has failed this time round, and your itching to start the next round we will also pray you will get the news you desire hon
chin up

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your messages, I’m swinging from one extreme to another at the mo. Just waiting for my appt now, just wish I didn’t have this on my plate as we’ve been through so much in the past 2 months. Just wish it would go on its own accord.



Just wanted to let you know I got the all clear from the clinic. They did a ultrasound and mammogram just to be on the safe side and showed that both breast are fine. I’m so relieved.

Thanks to you all for your support and words of advice


wow vonnie, i,m so pleased for you sweetie, i pray your next ivf will work out for you,

i go tomorow so here’s hoping

love to you

Well done, vonnie; that’s great news

beano x